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By john h

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  1. john h
    ormskirk, Lancashire

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    Thought i would try a sleeve and they are great but the only problem is the price! Big decision to make. Do i take the plunge and buy them or stick with my DT Trusofts??!!!!!!

  2. AntD
    Hampshire, UK

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    When you say 'they're great' what impressed you most and how would that help your game?

    They are a premium ball being the Alternative to pro-V1 and pro-v1X, hence AVX.

    I've been playing these for a couple of months now and for me the lower spin helps me with a lower ball flight without sacrificing the stopping power and feel in my short game. I also like the brighter white cover compared to the Pro-V1 and the new cover is proving to be more durable. (no handicap cut yet but I still prefer them)

    I'd suggest testing side by side working from green, greenside, fairway and back to tee to see if there's a noticeable benefit for your game.

    Ultimately you have to decide if the additional cost is worth it to your game, The Tour Soft is a great ball which I played briefly in the previous model.

    Sure you'll make the right choice and let us know your findings.

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    Stick with the DT Trusoft's, great ball and good price. Decisions, decisions !
  4. david s
    South Wales

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    if cost is the main factor for you, stick with the DT Trusoft's through the winter and then take advantage of the Titleist 4 dozen for the price of 3 in the spring next year, I'm assuming they will run the offer again and it will include the AVX. I usually stock up on my balls using this offer.

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