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By AntD

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  1. AntD
    Hampshire, UK

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    I just want to relay my experience of my TS fitting at St Ives today.

    Like many I was excited to try the new TS drivers to see how the technology differed from my current 917 and more importantly to get fit for a fairway to replace my previously fitted Launcher which was well passed its use by date but still serving me well.

    First impressions of both TS2 and TS3 drivers were favourable. The different head shapes, change in head colour and the fulcrum logo being the opposite way round to 917 was not an issue for me. We tried both heads with a range of shaft options including the shaft from my 917.

    We then moved onto the fairway, again in both TS2 and TS3 and finally found a shaft and setting combination in TS2 that was giving me an extra 17 yards carry with a launch and dispersion that if I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed. The order will be going in on Monday...Yes I have permission.

    What about the driver I hear you ask? Well this is why YOU MUST get fitted by an expert fitter on a range.

    My current 917 has only been in the bag since late June so I wasn't in the market to upgrade just yet. I played the previous day and missed 2 fairways but still made net par on both holes so I was happy that I was striking this at my best, so when Paul the fitter said that he couldn't give me any more distance with TS I wasn't surprised as seeing the ball flight and landing area on the range at St Ives it was evident that TS drivers are currently NOT for me. So no Instagram post of the increase in ball speed and distance, although ball speed was UP so was the spin rate even with 1.5 degree lower loft.

    All I can say is there is great technology in todays clubs and shafts, TS included, but in MY case my current delivery (attack angle, head speed and launch angle combo) is not suited to these type of clubs. Something I will work on with the 917 as the spin rate is still above optimal with this.

    Please Please Please go out and try the TS range, Drivers and Fairways and get fitted on a range (not hitting into a net), which is where Titleist Thursdays and TeamTitleist days are a god send, and I'm sure you find exactly what you're looking for.

    Thanks for Team Titleist (Luke) for arranging and Paul for the fitting ...

    PS we used AVX balls which I'm currently playing (again a constand in the fitting) Ant 917D (now at 9,5 D2 with draw bias) Evenflow 65 R TS2 15 std weight A1 with KuroKage Black 55 R....Awaiting delivery

  2. Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

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    I gained +12 yards in my TS fitting but my ball speed was the same. I wasnt swinging my best on the day due to a stiff back which i suffer from quite alot. I certainly felt that I could have been swinging quicker on the day if it wasnt so stiff. I left for St Ives which is about 35mins from me but had a sore back by the time i got there. However i tried to not let this bother me too much as it is just something i have to deal with. +12 yards on a poor day is pretty good in my eyes to be fair. My old Cally driver had a regular shaft 10.5 loft. And i had spin numbers of over 4000. With a few changes, Stiff shaft, 9.5 degree loft i was down to 2700 spin almost instantly. This was also pretty good and gave me much better ball flight etc. For me I found it a success, especially knowing i wasnt swing my best. I certainly had more in me and was swinging about 75/80% of my potential on a good day. So over all a good testing and a good day at the Fitting centre.

    My fitting spec for the Driver.

    TS3, 9.5 degree, Diamana Tensei Blue 55, Stiff (standard length) , Jumbo Grips. D3 setting, CG weight - Standard Draw
  3. AntD
    Hampshire, UK

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    How did you find testing clubs with standard grips when you currently have Jumbo's? I was lucky that we could swap the shaft from my 917 into the TS as I have midsize MMC +4's but I still find testing with thinner grips feels weird to me.


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