TT Invitational October 2018 - Who's going?

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By Tom C

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  1. Tom C
    Romford, 0

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    As Matt has said in another thread, its just over a month until the TT Invitational at Turnberry.

    So who's going and when are you arriving?

    Is your set up complete and ready to go? WITB pictures are welcome!

    I guess we'll start to hear some more again in the next few weeks, final details etc, personally I can't wait!!

  2. James H
    Essex, 0

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    Gutted I can’t make this.
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    Sadly I am in Turkey on holiday with the wife

    Good luck to all of those going!
  4. Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

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    Gutted I'm not able to make it! I love the Team Titleist get together's and I'm sure this one will top them all.

    Plus Turnberry is a serious bucket list course!!!

    Enjoy all.
  5. Robert H
    Rochdale, 0

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    See you there Tom. Not sorted travel out yet as waiting for itinerary but really looking forward to it!
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    Hi Tom

    We are a group of four going to Turnberry!!!
    One of us is, as I type this, buying a whole new wardrobe of gear in winter colours for the trip!!
    At least two of us are stashing cash to buy TS Drivers ( me included)
    So you could say we are getting excited, it is just a pity my golf has gone off the boil a little
    Look forward to meeting you there
  7. Richard C
    Romford, 0

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    Hey Tom,

    I know I am excited... and I am pretty sure you are!

    Really looking forward to meeting the crew and experiencing the Team Titleist group.

    Looking forward to seeing some more of the final details too.


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