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By GIles C

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  1. I’m having something of a golf revelation this year having treated myself to a full set of new clubs, all Titleist except the putter. I’m driving 30 yards further and even the wedges are 10 yards more, gapping took a bit of effort! Bizarrely I stopped playing Pro V1x’s last year after a ball fitting suggested another ball would go further and deviate less, with my slowish swingspeed, which it has done. The new AVX ball might be the route back to Titleist, so I’m wondering when we can get our hands on them this side of the pond and whether they will just appear in every pro shop on whatever that date is!

  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Believe it's 1st July... Looking forward to trying them out as well... Currently ProV1 user but again slower swing speed... Any out there we can test #TeamTitleist???

    A few Youtuber's are posting tests and comparisons but I often find these irrelevant as these guy are much faster swing speeds...
  3. Peter M

    Peter M

    Released July 2nd in UK. Same price point as ProV1/X
  4. Zangetsu


    Does this release to europe/ the Netherlands? I can only find comming soon..
  5. Zangetsu


    Found some in a local shop. Can’t wait to go and test them out this week!
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Review of the AVX on Rick Shiels Youtube ... have to agree with him that marketing could have been better... A (alternate to) V (ProV1) and X (ProV1x). Why not the ProV1a??

    Still going to give them a try..
  7. Ordered today so I’ve got some for the weekend, if I can fit a round in...
  8. Shoaib


    Available as of yesterday...can't wait for my dozen to arrive!
  9. Zangetsu


    And who else fell in love with the feel of irons. Man AVX paired with 718cbs it’s a butterfest!

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