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By CClark

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  1. Having started poorly for the first 3 holes in the first round of the Club Championship, I birdied the 4th hole (stroke index 1) for the first time in a competition.

    I stood up on the 5th tee (par 3, 184 yards) having gained the honour courtesy of the birdie at the previous hole, I choose a 6 iron (716 AP1) due to the slight helping wind and the firm conditions I hit my shot (pro v1), it was a reasonable strike heading towards the left edge of the green, as it landed it took a bounce to the right and started to roll towards the hole, at first I thought I might have a good chance of having to birdies in a row, then it dropped in.

    My first hole in one and hopefully not my last.

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  2. Amazing!

    I an still yet to get one, make sure you fill out the form to get your bag tag.
  3. Scott D

    Scott D

    Congrats on the Hole in One. Nice that it happened in the Clubs. Now the tough question. How much did it cost in the Clubhouse after the round?

    PS: Love the picture
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Congratulations... see post below 'Look what I got Today' .......
  5. Shoaib


    Congrats! I hope you've registered for you HiO bag tag? Welcome to the coolest club in the world!

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