By Stuart B

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  1. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Was struggling off the tee so had a quick lesson and can't believe the change the instructor made to my 917 driver. Went form A1 10.5 to D1 9.75 and surfit weight to draw bias. Normally I only carry 225 but today after lesson I was able to carry a burn at 244 yards multiple times with total distance 260 +. Hugh drive for me, hugh smile too.


  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Stuart, Was it the lesson or the changes to fit...or both?

    Interestingly I was fit for 917 D2 at a #TitleistThursday but wasn't really sure it was right for me... went to another fitting and a slight tweek to the settings and it was so much better... not sure if hitting off the range tee was the problem.

  3. colin b

    colin b

    Its great when potentially such a small change can have such a massive difference
  4. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Thanks for the reply Colin, was smiling for days!
  5. Peter M

    Peter M

    The change in club setup can make a massive difference. I went for a fitting for 917D2 and the difference in carry, total distance, dispersion and consistency was amazing.

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