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By MBurt

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  1. Evening all

    Has anybody used the dual balanced Scotty Cameron’s? In particular the 6m from the Futura range?

    I currently have an odyssey o works tank counter balance in 35 and not sure of the switch to a 37 would work? I’ve played the normal 35 Futura range and the feel is gorgeous off the face - but I suit dual balanced putters and feel more confident with them.

    Any feedback off anybody using one would be great!!

    It would help my OCD in terms of a full Titleist bag too *current bag below!! It’s just missing a team Titleist bag tag!!

    Post Image
  2. Peter C

    Peter C
    Bedfordshire, UK

    I have the 6M DB. I tend to use it mostly on slower, winter greens as I’ve found it hard to judge short range putts with it.
    The shaft is 38inches as standard. Don’t know if that would make a difference to you.
  3. Zangetsu


    I used to game a dual ballance blade like O putter 38” after that I went to a 33” c&c and now gaming a standaard 34” 2018 select. I feel it all depends on your feeling however I must say a I always felt more relaxed putting with the 38” due to not that much strain on the lower back. Try one out if you get the chance. Thinking about custom shopping my 2018 select to 38” to get that easier feel back.

    Also great picture!
    A bag tag would sure be a great addition
  4. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

    I use a Futura X dual balance putter and absolutelty love it. Took a little getting use to for myself as it is a lot heavier than my previous putter but if you’ve had dual balance putters before it should be an issue. Mine is 38” and I just like how easy the club feels to use compared to a standard style putter.

    Although I have no reason to change it I’m tempted to try out he newest range of dual balance putters to see if there is much difference.
  5. Hi MBurt. I've got a 38" Newport 2 DB, and absolutely love the clean looks and ease of alignment. However, I've found that I don't benefit from the DB technology when I play courses with really slow greens or on longer lag putts, as you have to swing the putter so hard. On a fast and true rolling green it's a killer though! Good luck... /Morten

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