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By Tom R

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  1. I beginning to fear the worst as it is only just over a fortnight to the first event at The Grove and I haven't heard anything. To put me out of my misery has anyone received confirmation of playing at any of the venues? Anyone who is playing good luck!

  2. Shoaib


    I feel your pain man...I've received nothing too. I know that the golfers who got the call will have an amazing time! I played Royal Birkdale last year and it was a brilliant event at a brilliant venue!
  3. Hi Tom,

    Strangely - we sent an email to yourself last night but received an undeliverable message. If you can please email at your earliest convenience it would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,
  4. Shoaib


    Guess the mail to me bounced back undelivered too Hannah ;-) Should I drop an e-mail to the same address :-)
  5. Peter C

    Peter C
    Bedfordshire, UK

    Good luck Tom and congrats to everyone who gets a chance to play these courses.
  6. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    Guess I’ve not been one of the lucky ones then?
    For those who got the call - enjoy!
  7. Hannah, have all the invites for all the events gone out now as well?
  8. Not yet Russell! They will be going out gradually.
    Kind regards,
  9. Daniel S

    Daniel S

    HI TOM it’s looks like we will get to have a chat as I have received the email responded and will be attending :) #TT4life
  10. Thanks Daniel for that information.
    Still awaiting confirmation from Hannah but from what your saying I have a place at one of the venues with yourself(I was available for them all) so still intrigued to find out which one. I'm sure Hannah is on the case.
  11. Hi Tom - we cannot email you so I am unable to make contact! Any chance you can please email the below address so we can let you know the information. Kind regards, Hannah
  12. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Hope everyone has a fantastic time, look forward to reading the comments.
  13. You guys will have a great time, I played Birkdale last year which was outstanding
  14. Dave M

    Dave M
    Saundersfoot, 0

    Enjoy Tom!!!

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