If it ain't broke don't fix it !

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By Daniel S

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  1. Daniel S

    Daniel S

    So... I was tempted over to the dark-side by my local club pro to look further a field than my Titleist, Titleist, Titleist mentality by demoing on both track-man and out on the course several other drivers ( Epic Sub Zero, Rouge Sub Zero, M3, M4) and this is what I found:

    My current driver is a 915 D4 with a Matrix black tie X which a get good solid figures from with overall average distance over 297 yrds with a nice dispersion.

    He was insistent that I try out some NEW tech and would see a marked difference..... (Bold Statement)

    I systematically tried numerous setups on track-man and whittled it down to 2 , The M4 and the Epic. With regards to number I gained 2 overall yards ( £200 per Yrd I don't think so) however my dispersion increased and in my opinion being 2 yrds behind but in the fairway is much better than the hitting from the rough.

    I can safely say I will not be looking to replace my D4 and the old saying of ''what ain't broke don't need fixing'' is true.


  2. Shoaib


    Awesome post - love the #TT4life hashtag!
  3. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

    Here here!!
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I've had a similar experience.... As a new covert to Titleist (Ap1 716 in the bag 18 months) my bag is in transition and fittings at #TitleistThursday gave me specs for rest of my bag (excl Putter) but I wasn't sold on 917 driver.

    My trusty driver (cobra) decided to release the head adjustment screw, never to be found. luckily as I hadn't adjusted the head for 4 years or more the head has welded itself to the shaft (for now).

    in desperation I went to local national retail outlet... I didn't want to spend £400+ so tried M4 and png which were short and way right due to my launch characteristics according to their GC2. Then I was given Rogue with the same shaft that was spec'd in the 917. BOOM straighter drives and 20yrds but still high spin...'lets try sub-zero' ....can't find head as it was sub-zero. I would have been tempted if I could have tried it outdoors and in comparison with 917.

    Luckily #TeamTitleist were doing a fitting locally on Wednesday and so I was back and teeing on the grass we found a setting that worked.

    Order for the 917 has been placed. just need it in the bag before I head to St Mellion in a couple of weeks.

    So the moral of my story is 'if it's broke 917 will fix it!'

  5. Scott D

    Scott D

    Two yards shorter in the short grass, always better. Great post

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