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By AntD

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  1. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Playing my summer singles 1st round tomorrow.... What are your top tips for matchplay?

  2. The best advice I have is not to worry to much about what your opponent is doing. I always find it easy to get mentally thrown off if I lose consecutive holes or lose a hole I normally win on.
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Good advice... in recent times I've just played the course and tried to block out the score especially when behind. The issue is when the opponent starts to reiterate the score and which holes you or they have a shot on... I have another singles match the day after so hoping the first goes well..
  4. Sorry guys, I have to disagree with you on your opponent. For me, the key is having a game plan going in, and sticking to it. Know what club you are hitting on every hole going in, adjusting for conditions, and if your opponent blows it by you by 50 yards, still stick to your plan.
    However, you also have to play your opponent. If he goes in the water on a par 3, you shoot for the middle of the green. If he knocks it stiff to 10ft, you have to go for the pin.
    Be aggressive from the start. Play the first hole like sudden death overtime. On a par 4, take out driver, and go for the pin on your second shot. Most people do not play well coming from behind.
    Another key, you can not go down by more than 3. I have come back from 3 hole deficits several times, but if you go down 4, you are pretty much finished. So, hopefully you jump out to an early lead, but if you don't, you can not go down by more than 3, I don't care how early you are in to the match.
    Above all, never give up on a hole. You might knock your tee shot into the hazard, then you resolve yourself to fight for par, or at worse bogey. Never concede unless you are 7 and still off the green and your opponent has a birdie putt. Never surrender.
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Thanks for the advice... I found out on the first I was at a disadvantage on the long holes...Apparently his driver swing speed is 119 so 300 yard drives were common although not always straight. I picked up / saved holes on with net Par on 3 & 4 as shots were long but offline. The holes I did get shots on he was on the green and close while I was hitting my 3 shot, and after he stiffed his second from the rough on a par 4 , which I had a shot on, to go 4 up it was noticed he played the wrong Titleist as he didn't mark near the logo ...which is something I do.. 2 hole swing on that hole but it just put off the final result... Enjoyable round but difficult knowing I was always playing second shot first from a long way back so not being able to really pressurize him...
  6. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    I hope you won !
    Just play one hole at a time, don’t get ahead of yourself and play within yourself.
    Use your shots if you have them.
    Good luck.
  7. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Unfortunately I lost.... I went to the course straight from work as it was a late afternoon round to be introduced to my opponent who had just finished a round with his mates ... He was trying to rush me to the tee so I went through my normal warm up... When he boomed his drive past me on the first it was quite a surprise ... I hit fairway wood and he hit wedge to the first both of us short and we walked off with a half... the long par 4's and Par 5's were both in reach for him in 2 . which is where I lost the match... See above comment for a unexpected win..
  8. Actually, that is grounds for DQ. You are not allowed to practice on the course before a round before a match. I don’t know how serious you take your golf, but that is garbage. Also, were you on time or running late? If you were ahead of your tee off time, he can not rush you. Very poor sportsmanship on his part.
  9. I am a short hitter and I am always hitting my 2nd shot first. I like that, actually. I may be hitting a longer iron or hybrid, but I get to put my shot in there first. I never worry until the other guy starts rolling in more putts than me.
  10. Martyn F

    Martyn F
    Coleraine, 0

    You are allowed to practice prior to matchplay on the same course. You are not allowed to practice for stroke / stableford competitions on the course.

    Best to check out the rules first before you play ;-)
  11. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    you're right it's allowed in Matchplay but I guess not in the spirit of the game knowing the other player doesn't have that opportunity...

  12. Focus on keeping in play, its better to hit a wood or long iron then 6/7 iron rather than driver 9 iron wedge.

    If you are on the green first you are always asking the question and will force a mistake.

    Also give your opponent the first 2/3 uphill 2 footers for half but nothing downhill or for the win
  13. I have just finished the thread, its a DQ. Personally I would challenge the result
  14. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    This might help anyone needing a quick update on rules .... penalties start at 1:48 into the video and 6:20 for practice ... there are some tricky decisions.

    Rule 15.3a explains the playing of a wrong ball.

    I'm sure even the rules junkies don't know them all...

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