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  1. Stuart B

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    My new Stadry stand bag and balls for this season. Might also pick up the trolley version too.


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    Looks sharp!
  3. Stuart B

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    Thanks Gav. My wife wanted to know how many Titleist bags I had now, my answer was 5(4 stand bags and 1 trolley). Why do you need so many she asked, why do you need so many shoes I replied. Looks like the new trolley bag is a go, lol.

    Enjoy the new season.

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    Looks a beauty Stuart - enjoy!
  5. Stuart B

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    Absolutely love my Stadry stand bag so much I decided to get the cart/ trolley bag after all. A belter in my opinion.

    I picked up a set of the black leather headcovers to match the bag too.

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    Do these bags have an insulated drinks pocket?

  7. Stuart B

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    Used the trolley bag for first time today, well made, nice and light, lots of storage and quite smart looking.

    Thumbs up for the twin zip hood.

    However, I feel a couple of things are missing.

    Firstly, if using it as trolley bag then you are going to have to set the clubs up back to front in order for the bag to sit on the frolley with the pockets facing out. This leads to difficulty in lifting the bag in and out of your car as there is no handle at the pocket side other than the soft one at the base or if you use the rear handle/scrap then your irons swing round and hit your graphite shafts as no sock currently on Titleist headcovers.

    Next is the towel ring, once on the trolley the retaining straps prevent access to the ring and I like to clip my cap on here, minor I know.

    Lastly is the lack of any eyelets to attach your TT bag tag, I don't have one of these so it's not a problem.

    Even with the above I would highly recommend the bag to anyone using a cart or a trolley.


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  8. Shoaib

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    I've got the 4UP bag and absolutely love it and the love the look of it. It is stupidly light which is a bonus when carrying in this lovely weather we're having
  9. AntD
    Hampshire, UK

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    Good review of the bag.

    I upgraded to the midsize cart bag about a year ago as I didn't want 14 way dividers as I have midsize grips which get stuck. The 6 way top is better for the grips but I'm not overly impressed with the design for the following:
    1. Limited grips for lifting the bag, especially in and out of the car and onto a buggy.
    2. waterproof pocket at front of bag won't accommodate a 500ml water bottle
    Finally and most annoying..
    pockets at top of bag (two side and valuable pocket on back) are not easily accessible when on 'a buggy' as zips are covered by the straps. The valuables pocket is also difficult to access when on my Powakaddy....

    The mid-size cart is supposed to be for cart and buggy use then there are some obvious flaws in the design..


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    Great bags! Love the starry carry - looks really classy!!

    I too have the midsize cart bag and when on powakaddy is hard to acces the valuables and back pocket! But it looks soooooooo good so all is forgiven I think!

    Also have 14way all black players stand bag which is great. I play midsize grips and never found a problem with fitting them in the dividers.

    Just missing one thing from them though................
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  11. Stuart B

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    Nice set up MBurt, which course was that taken on?

    I too have a 14 way carry bag but it's way to big for me to use.

    Nice putter cover!

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    It was Nefyn in wales, great course on the cliff side to the Irish Sea! Views are brilliant!

    Haha thanks - much better than the standard Scotty Cameron putter cover!!
  13. Zangetsu

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    Great choice on the bag.
    Also great comment for the wife. I might use that in the near future. Been eying on the midsize staff bag for trolley use in competition. Currently asking pro if they can order it with TT logo on it

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