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By wscott

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    Can someone tell me which irons to buy i have cobra 1 lenght just now i play of 14 fancy ap1 is the amt red shaft ok for me

  2. Paul C

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    I don't think anyone would be able to say what is correct for you on here as it's not as simple as that.
    Everyone will rightly advise that you find a Titleist fitting event near you and book yourself in. The possibilities that are available are amazing and you should end up with the right fit for you.
    One thing they all will agree on though is that you won't be disappointed with the clubs :)

    Good luck,

  3. Scott D

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    Check out a Titleist fitting event. I have used them a number of times and have never been disappointed with my purchase after the event. The fitters are excellent communicators and have tremendous knowledge. Only way to buy golf clubs.
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    Hi mate!
    If your going too buy a new set you need too get fitted.
    I can't explain how good the fitting experience is!!
    You will come out of it with the correct clubs too suit you and it will no doubt help too improve your game!!
  5. Shoaib

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    Hi wscott - Broadly speaking, playing off a 14, the AP1 should be a good fit for you BUT I would recommend going for a proper fitting. The type of shaft you'll need is going to be directly related to your swing speed. Also, depending on your swing shape, plane and again, swing speed - the way you strike/smash a ball and the angle at which you launch the ball are all factors that will determine the type of clubs you should go for...measuring and knowing all these variable elements are vital in choosing the right set of clubs with the right shafts - This is exactly what you will get out of a proper fitting session. Good luck!

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