Comp Fitting for 718 Irons or 818 Hybrids at Carton House National Fitting Centre

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By Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

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  1. For all the Team Titleist people that live in Ireland we are offering a complimentary fitting appointment for our irons or hybrids at the Carton House Fitting Centre. 

    This will be on the Thursday 2nd November. 

    If you can please comment below to let me know whether you would like an appointment it would be much appreciated. 



  2. Declan F
    Wexford, 0

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    Another class gesture from TeamTitleist, gutted I’ve no hols left :(, but I’ll definitely make it up there for a fitting soon. Time to upgrade my irons.
  3. PaddyGolf

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    The new AP3's look class...hopefully I get to hit the new MB's sometime! Hope the back is on the mend Dec :)
  4. Declan F
    Wexford, 0

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    Almost 100% now mate thanks. Got to look after it now.
  5. PaddyGolf

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    Hi Hannah, I'd love to get involved in the fitting day! If I am picked i'd be able to attend any time between 9-12 or after 4pm.

    Love that Team Titleist is always thinking about it's community.
    PaddyGolf :)
  6. PaddyGolf

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    Hey there Hannah! I'd love to be included if possible :) I have my eye on a combo set of AP2's and MB's!!
    Thanks, Paddy
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    Hi Hannah. What is the latest slot you have on the Thursday. Thank you.
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    Hi Hannah, would love an appointment for 2nd November for 718 irons. Thanks Colin
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    Hi Hannah, would love to be selected for a fitting for 718 irons. Am available on 2nd November.

    Thanks Colin
  10. Niall C
    Dublin 9, 0

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    How does this thing work! Buy a set of clubs and get free fitting???
  11. S T
    Belfast, Antrim

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    Hi Hannah,

    I would love an appointment for AP2 fitting.

    Many thanks,
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    Hi Hannah, having been there before for driver fitting last year I would definitely be up for an 818 h fitting
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    Hi Hannah
    I'd love to get the opportunity to get fitted and test the new line of irons and hybrids. Ones again titleist is looking after us. I'd be available anytime for the fitting if I get picked
    Thanks again
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    Would be great if I could get an appointment between 11 and 3.

    With Thanks
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    I'd love to get fitted for the new irons they look class and to get titleist fit would be even better thanks Stephen
  16. Niall C
    Dublin 9, 0

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    how does it work,do you buy clubs and get fitted free for them??
  17. PaddyGolf

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    Thanks so much Hannah - can't wait to see the new range of equipment at Carton House on the 2nd :)
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    Hi Team Titleist
    just want to say a big thank you for the fitting experience last week in Carton House. Great job by Mark O'Mahony, a true professional. 718 AP3's are the ones for me. Great feel, for a cast club and the distance is effortless.
    Thanks again, Colin
  19. Declan F
    Wexford, 0

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    Very cheeky of me but just wondering if any fittings might be available for the first week in January. Finally getting some time off work lol. Thanks.

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