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By James H

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  1. James H
    Essex, 0

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    Got back from holiday a few days ago and found a very intriguing Acushnet envelope on the door mat only to find it was addressed to my 11 year old son!!

    He is absolutely over the moon with it, thanks to all at Titleist.

    He thinks its hilarious that he has had a hole in one and I haven't!!!!

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  2. Tom C
    Romford, 0

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    That's fantastic James! I did see that on twitter, congrats to Matthew!
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    That's brilliant! Just wait until he's beating you from scratch :)
  4. James H
    Essex, 0

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    It won't be long Simon.
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    This is brilliant!! Hopefully you will manage 1 some time mate and you can both have matching bag tags!
  6. Simon s
    St leonards on sea, East Sussex

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    How good is that, probably the hardest bag tag on the planet to get and your son has one before the rest of us.
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    That is absolutely amazing #teamtitleist
  8. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    What a beauty and sweet hole in one ,congrats with aloha
  9. Gary Forde
    Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire

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    Wow, and very nice indeed.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately for me (depends on how you look at it), my hole in one came on 1st November 2003.

    This was well before anyone decided to reward you with such an elusive thing to achieve.
    Fortunately for me, I still have the ball and have it mounted onto a small plaque with the date underneath.

  10. richard f

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    Well done to your son

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