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By Gaaary

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  1. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

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    Hi TT, Thanks for the Bag Tag that was waiting for me when I got in from work today, it was a lovely surprise Hope everyone has a great season. Gary

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  2. James H
    Essex, 0

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    Gary, you must be one of the first UK members to get one - nice one. Nice bag by the way,
  3. blair

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    I got mine yesterday as well it made my day
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  4. Gaaary
    Blyth, Northumberland

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    Thanks James H
  5. Gary Forde
    Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire

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    I also received one yesterday.

    Receiving these unexpected and out of the blue envelopes from #TeamTitleist certainly cheer me up.

    thanks once again, and it is now on the bag (along with the previous version).
  6. BR
    Dundalk, Louth

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    Team titleist you have my address :)
  7. Really glad you are loving the #TeamTitleist bag tags - a little thank you from us for putting your trust in Titleist.


  8. M Black

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    You also have my address
  9. richard f

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    Only a little jealous lol
  10. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    congrats everyone at T/T UK, ALOHAAAA!!!!!
  11. HIoannou
    United kingdom

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    does anyone know how to get one, i would really enjoy showing my loyalty off with one. Especially with my brand new AP3 718 irons :)
  12. HIoannou
    United kingdom

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    THE bag tag looks great :) I want some TT headcovers tho that would be awesome :)
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  13. rob h

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    Hi all always had Titleist love the clubs and the brand would love a bag tag to finish it all off

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    Fingers crossed it will go with my bag !!
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  15. ARWEL D

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    Very nice guys. I've tried for years to get one. No success. Spent thousands over the years on Titleist gear.
  16. Shoaib

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    Is it possible to purchase the TT bag tags anywhere? They look seriously cool!
  17. Zangetsu

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    No there is not.
    It is a way Titleist to give something back to their community, if they were for sale that would defeat the purpose.

    Just enjoy your time one the forums and hope you can get in any events and you might end up lucky!

    Good luck on the quest!
  18. Stuart B

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    Well done lads your set ups look great, maybe one day for the rest of us.

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    Wow so lucky you guys those tags look awesome!
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    Awesome stuff

    Another reason why this Titleist community is amazing.
  21. AntD
    Hampshire, UK

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    Ooops! did I get mine early 24th Feb along with these lovelies … You do look after us #TeamTitleist
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  22. Paul C

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    Hi Ant,
    What was in the round pot to the left of the bag tag?
    If you don't mind sharing the details that is.
    Great items though from a great day!!
  23. AntD
    Hampshire, UK

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    Sorry it's top secret ….

    Ant .
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  24. Shoaib

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    That is awesome! Lucky you...I'm not jealous in any way!
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    Shoaib said:

    That is awesome! Lucky you...I'm not jealous in any way!

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    Still waiting on mine. Love my 917 D2 10.5. Still rocking my 913 fairway and I put a 19 degree 816 hybrid and love it to bits. Also the new squareback it incredible.

    Love titleist gear

    Please send me a bag tag :)
  27. dave c
    wendover, 0

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    How can i get a bag tag ? It would look beautiful on my Titleist cart bag with my new CBs. I must admit i drifted away from Titleist but since i bought the new CBs my scores have dropped so much and i shot 78 the first time i have shot under 80 in so long i cant remember. The feel of these clubs is so pure and all my wedges were replaced with new sm7s and my Scotty is out and on fire
  28. Shoaib

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    Hey Dave, you've just got to be active on the forum and contribute wherever, whenever you can.

    On that note, thanks Luke and the rest of the TT Crew!!!
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