Travel to Ireland in August 2020

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By Kathy J

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  1. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    Where to play a good round of golf? I heard Old Head is a great place to rent clubs and play. Any suggestions?

  2. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    Do you know what area you are visiting? How long is your stay? Budget course or bucket list course? I've never been but we are also looking for Ireland info and have June 2021 vacation in the early planning stages...
  3. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Just my opinion.....not sure of your time/budget and it depends on where you are.

    In the Northern part I would play Royal County Down, Portrush, County Louth, Portmarnock, The Island, Carne and Country Sligo. I would definitely set aside 2 rounds at RCD and Royal Portrush, I would be happy playing just those two courses alone.

    In the southern part I would play Ballybunion Old, Lahinch and Waterville. Again I would be happy with two rounds each at Ballybunion Old and Lahinch.

    There are a number of other courses in Ireland that do not get much notoriety but are highly regarded. Dooks, Doonbeg Links, The European Club.

    Whatever course you play, above all, HAVE FUN!!!
  4. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    If you plan to play more than once, bring your own clubs. You will want to play your best golf and you never know what you will get for rentals. From my experience in the UK, only the larger resorts will have rental sets.
  5. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    We will be flying into Dublin and probably travelling over to Galway and down to the Southwest of Ireland. We are only looking to play one round of golf with high school buddies that are now 64 years old and we will need to rent clubs (decent set of clubs - Titleist, cally or TM) while the wives do some sightseeing.
  6. Lahinch is an hour south of Galway. I was fortunate to have played it in June before the Irish Open this year and would love to go back.

    Something that may be of help. The No Laying Up team is releasing their travel series "Tourist Sauce" on 8 courses along the west coast of Ireland, and they said Lahinch was their favorite, with Waterville being a close 2nd. Here's their video on Lahinch:

    Mark Crossfield also has videos on many of those courses too.

    Happy travels!

  7. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    If you're only playing only 1 round and using rental clubs, you need to do some research. Find out which clubs have rentals available and what kind of clubs they are. Best of luck!!!
    Southwest of Ireland, my first choice would be Ballybunion Old, 2nd choice would be Lahinch.
  8. Drew D

    Drew D

    Hey Kathy,
    I am going to echo Jerry and recommend Portmarnock. Great links course that is very easy to walk that is both challenging and fun. I can't say enough about the amenities offered at their hotel as notch. In the Southwest I've recommended Killarney Golf and Fishing Club before on here. I suggest a google search and look at some of the views. Enjoy the trip and Sláinte!
  9. If you're playing close to Dublin, try the K Club, Ryder Cup Course. I thank Lahinch golf club is close to Galway.
    This was a great course, with lots of history. Old Head, what a course the views a must if your in that area.
    Waterville, Dooks golf links, and Doonbeg in the south. I played all these June 2018 great trip and had good weather "NO RAIN" Enjoy!
  10. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    Thank you all for your great recommendations!
  11. WE are going in MAY for a week and we will be playing OLD HEAD [2DAYS] ,KILLARNEY KILLEAN, WATERVILLE AND DOONBEG. CAN'T WAIT to see the GREENEST GREEN of IRELAND AGAIN !!
  12. Old Head is my favorite course in Ireland. Don't forget to play the course. I got distracted by the magnificent views through the day and the next thing I knew, I was on the 18th tee box.

  13. Under the Roof

    Under the Roof
    Mequon, WI

    If you’re visiting the SW Lahinch and Waterville are my personal favorites. Old Head is dramatic and beautiful, but personally prefer Lahinch and Waterville.

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