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By Todd G

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  1. Todd G

    Todd G
    Orange tcb

    anyone know of any good driving ranges in the destin area for wife and i to play while on vacation? we are coming from texas

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    No but you will be close to a really good spot to play. Kiva Dunes on the Alabama side is worth a side trip if you have time.
  3. Go to the driving range/play at the courses in the Sandestin Resort area. The Raven and Baytown course are fantastic.
  4. Regatta Bay in destin is a beautiful course.
  5. jason b

    jason b
    Zanesville, OH

    Glad I searched for this. We will vacation in Destin in June of 2019.
  6. Kelly plantation is a Fred couples design in destin that is really good. Just east of there 30 miles or so are Sharks Tooth and Camp Creek, both amazing tracks if you can get on.

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