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By Mike r

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  1. Mike r

    Mike r
    Amherst, OH

    Good Morning all...On the Team Titleist FB page we have been trying to get a group(s) together to play in the early fall. A lot of people want to play Boulder Creek in NE Ohio. You can email me at mikereiter@yahoo.com if you are interested. Im going to try to block out some tee times in early September on a Friday, so please let me know if you are interested. Thanks Mike

  2. Mike r

    Mike r
    Amherst, OH

    So we have a date and Times, September 13 (Friday) $45 for 18 and cart. I have blocked out 4 tee times for 16 golfers. If we need more I will call. We will play at www.bouldercreekohio.com/ First tee time is 10:30. You can email me at mikereiter@yahoo.com for questions or just confirm that you can play. All money will be paid at the golf course and not to me. Thanks Guys and Gals lets have some fun with this.
  3. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Sounds like a great time! I am in Cincinnati so I will check my calendar to see if I can make my up to NE Ohio!

    Thanks, Chris
  4. Aloha Bruce

    Aloha Bruce
    Sunnyvale, CA

    Sounds like it will be a fun time for all that attends.
  5. Hey Mike thanks for putting this together! I wish I could commit now but have my third son due later this month and won't know my golf plans that far out yet. I'll keep you posted if I can play or not. Again, thanks for your efforts!
  6. golfinnut

    Leesburg, VA

    This would be a fun time for sure. Can anyone say .... Roadtrip!

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