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By Brandon P

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  1. I’ve never been fitted more than the “fittings” they do at GG where they determine I have a flat swing and need my irons flattened 2* which I’ve done. I have been looking at Club Champion and other fitters and am considering getting the full fitting ($350). My question for TT, has anyone had a full fitting and was it worth it? $350 is a lot of money for information but if it’s the right information, it is well worth it. So what say you?

  2. And if it is worth it, are there any fitters that are considered better than others?
  3. I was just fitted for a driver last night.. best thing I have ever done. It was just an awesome process hitting several drivers with various shafts in various settings, and then seeing the results in ball flight and then data.. I’m a believer
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    They represent lots of brands.

    I have been fitted for drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons and wedges, but I did mine at Titleist Thursdays where they are free, when they are offered. Guess it is all what you feel comfortable with.

    The professionals at Titleist Thursdays are Titleist certified fitters/product specialists and do outstanding. My recommendation based on past history. I will be doing my iron fitting with the Titleist product specialist for this area when the new irons are released, where they specialize in one brand. After all, I am a Titleist snob. With respect.
  5. Andrew F

    Andrew F
    Pueblo, CO

    Best $50 bucks I ever spent. I got fitted for the TS3 driver and 3 wood. Super happy! I definitely thinking about doing a fitting when I get new irons.

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