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By Nick S

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  1. Nick S

    Nick S
    NE Indiana

    So I cleared out my garage yesterday and have tall enough ceiling to swing inside. I have a net that I can hit into and just wanted to know all of your set ups are and what you do to training over the winter.

    I really want to work on my drive from to slice and good contact with wedge shots. Any suggestions on what to do?

  2. I got a 10x7 net and put it in my garage. My mat has 3 different textures .( tee,rough,fairway) and a 30 count of foam balls. Just trying to keep my self limber and moving throughout the New England winters.
  3. Nick S

    Nick S
    NE Indiana

    Right there with you... I was just trying to figure out ways of hitting into the net that would help with my fades and slices

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