Retirement-what’s next?

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By Ralph H

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  1. I coming up in a few days the end of my career after almost 32 years. Feeling a little overwhelmed and also releaved . I feel my job has defined the person I am. I’m Overwhelmed with what’s coming next in life and releaved that now I can try and practice to improve my game and shoot lower and try and get that handicap down as well. Just curious if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on getting over the hurdle and on to the next chapter.

  2. Hey Ralph... Take it from one that has had the same thoughts as you... You Will Be Fine, Even Better Than Before. You

    come to discover that aside from the money, work is over-rated. We all have been led to believe, either by our own

    thoughts or the comments of others, that the job is the end all and we can't go on without it. If that is the case for you

    you will see how quick that changes. Releaved will overtake overwhelmed in about a week. The only real important

    things are family and health. The golf course is a great place of peace for me, always has been and always will be.

    The scores become less important. Just being out there is the best. Play, hit balls, putt, just hang out. Nothing better!
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Congrats Ralph, I know you will do fine. I know how traumatic the change can be. I did 35 years at the same place and then did a mini-retirement (weekend) only to move to San Diego for a similar job. I call it my retirement transition plan. I am still going to put in a couple more years but have been balancing it more with personal trips. Some golf trips and some cruises with the wife. Find stuff you like to do and just enjoy it. If you are someone who likes to stay busy and be around others, look for volunteer work. Maybe part time golf course marshal or starter. Enjoy!
  4. Dave V. ,
    You are so right! I actually got a part time job working for Dick’s Sporting Goods in the golf dept. a few days a week . It is a fun job with something I love to do. For a retirement gift came out to play golf in San Diego. Played The Links at Petco Park, Escondido Ranch,Coronado,The Vineyards, and Balboa. Had already played Torrey Pines last time I was out. Great time! Now I can plan everyday for self growth and in the spring will work as a Marshall at one of my courses back home.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I played in a tournament recently with a 90 year old gent. While waiting to start, I mentioned I was 68 and still working. He said he retired at 65. 6 months later he rethought that. pause and said he wished he had retired at 60. Besides a plan to play more golf (exercise to stay young), just have a reason to get up every day and accomplish something active. Watching TV is passive and a killer app for retirees. ...Literally.
    Oh sure, I need to practice what I recommend. But I do think about it often. Torn between downsizing and spending more time on woodworking (long winters in WI) when not playing.
  6. Scott D

    Scott D

    Well Ralph congrats on reaching retirement and may you have many joyous years in retirement. I had the same thoughts as you when I retired. You will quickly realize that the workplace is very over rated. My suggestion is that when you do retire take some time for yourself and your family. My wife and I went on a short holiday to distance ourselves from the job and when we returned homier was like starting anew lease on life. The short holiday allowed us to completely distance ourselves from the job.

    Again congrats on retirement you will quickly come to realize that it was the best work related decision you ever made.
  7. wormburner

    makawao, HI


    Congratulations, time for the next chapter:

    1. Remember your past accomplishments, but don't dwell on it.
    2. Stay Healthy, walk, run, etc..
    3. Spend time with family and friends.
    4. Take the wife on a trip if your married.
    6. If you enjoy golf, set reasonable time to take a lesson or practice or play.
    7. Set reasonable goals not only in golf, but your next chapter in life like traveling, taking care/visiting
    grand kids etc.

    These simple things can not only keep us busy, but as you look look back occasionally, you'll be quite happy.

    Don't forget to thank the person who wakes up you everyday, he doesn't have too....
  8. I thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts. I do thank The good lord every day for allowing me to do the things I love to do and be with the people and family I love the most. At only 56 I know I have a lot to look forward to despite being just diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Everyday is a gift and a challenge to stay active and productive. My wife still has a few more years before she can retire but when she does we will take time and travel for ourselves. Thanks everyone for your best wishes and who knows I might bump into some of you on the course sometime. Best wishes to all and keep hitting those fairways and greens!
  9. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    I worked for 40 years before I retired and don't miss it one bit. The day you retire, you're yesterday's news. Your job goes on without you. The wheel keeps turning. I got right into the weekday golf routine plus doing some other things that my wife and I like. So congratulations, you made it over the finish line so enjoy the heck out of it. You earned it.
  10. I feel compelled to jump in here again. I took the first shot on this to reply to Ralph on his thoughts about retirement. Since reading the thoughts of those of you that have followed, I am glad to see that we share the common belief that work in many cases IS overrated. The saddest part is, as stated by Frank P, is that in a very short period of time you are yesterdays news. Your position is filled and indeed the wheel does keep turning. Too bad we didn't figure some of this out sooner. We all may have a lower handicap by now! The key is always going to be family and health.
  11. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I'm not worried about the workplace suffering w/o me. Mom and Dad's blessing/curse to me was making it to their 90's. Gotta to plan for a 25-30 year retirement and bi-coastal offspring. Now counting down the last 15 months and getting home improvements done and paid for. Then looking forward to the Tuesday Mens' League and not playing weekends.
  12. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Congrats on your retirement Ralph. Wishing you much health and happiness.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  13. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

    Congratulations Ralph
    So glad that you have posted this post.
    I'm about 15 more years to get to my retirement age and it just turns an light on for me hearing all the replies about work been over rated .
    Family and health comes first .
    Thanks for turning my light brighter and realizing the importance of life.
  14. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    Congrats, Ralph!

    I'm a bit envious. 5 years to go for me. I'd pull the trigger sooner if we could afford it. We've done OK for ourselves, but not enough to retire early. We would have been in position to retire early if not having the philosophy that you need to live your lives each day, not wait until some future date. Plan for the future, but not at the expense of losing today. Like the avatar picture, taken at Gullane in September.

    I don't think I'll have any trouble figuring out what to do when I walk out this door the last time. As others have said, they'll get along fine without me.

    I also like the idea of maybe working as a starter a half day, or two a week. Meet people and maybe get some golf privileges out of the deal!
  15. Elson C

    Elson C

    Congratulation first of all,
    From someone who wants to retire in the next 25 years, most likely 30, I am 38 currently.
    Enjoy what life gives you from this point on, enjoy family and friends, I know slowing down will be hard but remember, you worked your whole life to get to this point.
    My to-do list for 30 years from now, Spend more time with family especially grandkids, I hope my son has a few by then, travel a lot with my wife and play as much golf as I can.
    Best of luck on your future endeavors.
  16. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    Ralph, you will be fine. I just pulled the plug in January this year. I heard someone say"how did I have enough time for work" I now understand it. 40 years in the HVAC field, to keep my mind fresh I did take a gig (work 16 hrs. a week) to stay sharp. I needed a feeling of worth and this fills the gap. Good luck and enjoy , you earned it.

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