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By Michael L

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  1. Michael L

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    Time to retire my old Team Titleist bag tag. Got my New Team Tileist Bag Tag today! New tag looks great! Thanks Team Titleist.

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  2. Dr. Kovatchian

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    I'm still sporting the old school white version...I have the heavy metal version as well...
    The black round bag tag is pretty sleek!

    Enjoy the upgrade!

    Dr. K
  3. mj
    Coquitlam, BC

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  4. Scott D
    Rumford, RI

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    Looks good! I am still rocking the white one as well, hoping to get the new one!
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    Titleist sent one to me when I joined Team Titleist. Keep an eye on the mail, they will send you gifts from time to time.
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    Good edition to any bag me thinks :)

    Let's see it on the bag

    Thanks for sharing
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    Being new to this forum, how does one acquire a new bag tag?
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    I have had the white one for years, and the strap finally wore out. But nothing a rubber band can't fix
  10. Vincent C.
    Cincinnati, OH

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    Just wait for all the compliments/questions coming your way at the course about it. I feel like every time i play, someone points out my tag.
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    Congrats, I love my bag tag on my bag. Plus the fact it can used as a hole/cup for putting-chipping-pitching etc. We fortunately have a large putting at my course and I use my bag tag sometimes to create ridiculous short sided shots (or where I want to putt a hole) or place it on greens in practice rounds or whatever while practicing.... I don't know just a cool little side function from a cool looking TT emblem hanging off my golf bag.
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    Love the look of that new Black tag. Still hoping to get one to go with my new black Titleist Players 14 stand bag!!

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