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By Randall R

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  1. Randall R
    Smithfield, NC

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    Glad that temps broke here by St. Louis this last week - had 3 days where the temperature was above freezing, and able to get in actual play instead of range work! Hope others were able to do the same.

  2. Brandon C

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    Lucky! We just got another couple inches of snow dumped on us up in MN...I was able to book a golf trip for Florida though, so no March can't come soon enough! It's always nice to be able to get out on the course and off the range, even if it is just for a couple of days.
  3. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    I did...was looking forward to the end of this week with another warm-up coming, but with the weather this morning we may still have some snow on the ground on Friday and Saturday.
  4. Rooster
    West Wareham, MA

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    Looking to play tomorrow at my course Bay Pointe, Onset Ma. Projected temp high 32, wind chill real feel 25.
  5. Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

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    We have had a wild start to our Winter in the Western NC mountains. Frigid cold and snow pretty steadily. It looks like a small window may be opening over the next few days if the snow will melt. Hoping for a round sometime between Sunday and Tuesday if the coursees aren't soup bowls from snow melt.

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