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By Ian K

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  1. Ian K

    Ian K
    Essex, United Kingdom

    Afternoon all.

    So boredom whist at home has started to come to an end with the opening of golf courses in the UK.

    Thought I would do the back of my Cameron Phantom X and the “eyes” on the back.

    Ended up making my own infill paint out of Tamiya X25 clear green and mixing it 1:3 ratio of flat white.

    Though it matched the bag well in the end.

    Happy golfing.

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  2. Don J

    Don J
    Cranston, RI

    Hi Ian,nice job looks good.I have a question,how did you remove the original paint that was on there?
  3. Ian K

    Ian K
    Essex, United Kingdom

    Hi there

    Acetone was key. Keep applying with a cotton bud until it starts to soften and scratch out with a cocktail stick.

    The hard work pays off.

  4. Woah that is nice! Great custom job there, well done.
  5. Looks awesome! What color did you use for the grey top side?

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