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By SWitman

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  1. I feel like I am in the vast minority owning and only playing center shafted putters. Why ?

    Even on the Scotty FB page, everyone shows their standard heel shafts - are that that many folks with a swing path that is not straight back- straight through- minimal arc ?

  2. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I've got a rare center shaft Newport 2 prototype that I've had for quite a while. However, I don't put it in play very often.
  3. vurich

    First Tee Box

    I love the center shaft putters. Wish Scotty would make more of them.
  4. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    Been playing CS putters for about 20 years.
  5. Steve E

    Steve E
    Stockton, CA

    I also enjoy a center shaft putter ..seems we are in a minority when it comes to putter shaft types..
  6. Mark J

    Mark J
    Charlotte, NC

    I love a center shaft putter. I'm not one who has "back up" clubs but if he ever released a center shafted Notchback I'd buy multiples
  7. I have a png center shaft mid mallet that currently is in my back-up bag. It seems like every time I pull it out and stand over a putt the face seems a bit closed. Has anyone else noticed this or am I looking through the wrong pair of eyes? Thanks
  8. Lary H

    Lary H
    Pittsburg, KS

    They outlawed CS putters early in the rules of the game, so I figure it must be a advantage. Also the mallet CS is almost full proof. I think are are easier to aim. Cameron Futura X CS.
  9. Scott S

    Scott S

    I am using the 2012 GoLo S. Absolutely love it and can't see myself changing any time soon.
  10. Everytime i try a regular heel shafted putter, it just never feels right .. I have an old school Nicklaus style where i bend pretty far over the ball and give a clean smooth shoulder roll...
    I'm very happy with my GoLO 5 and would like to get another newer model, but so few selections until you get into the wild Futura / Phantom models which look too big.
    Ive tried the new miz model, and a few bettinardi's - not sure they would live up to the scotty standards.
  11. MrJJW

    Sylvania, OH

    I have a center shaft GOLO and I don’t use it full time because I have a hard time with lag putts over 15ft with it. For me though putts inside 10ft it is so nice. If I start missing short putts it gets put into my bag until I start long putting poorly then I switch back to a custom Newport. Crazy cycle.
  12. For the last 20+ years, I've been hooked on CS putters. SeeMore was my first, but after falling in love with the simpleness of "straight back-straight forward", I knew I wanted a Scotty. I feel as they're easier to line up, and it keeps the stroke minimal. I've got my Scotty Newport 2.6 as "old faithful", but when it doesn't behave (or I get a "wild hair") I break out the Futura 5S.
  13. I have owned the Newport 2.6. Beautiful concept and with a small plumbers neck might be ok. But the straight shaft it just did not perform for me.
  14. Trevor D

    Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

    I have a Newport 2.6 as my backup stick. My gamer is a Newport 2 lol. Don't ask me how that works, I just feel comfortable with either one. I'd say I may be a little better on the shorties with the 2.6 but I 3-jack less with the NP2. That's just how I feel. Also, I'm probably a head case so...

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