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By Sher

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  1. Sher


    Well...this is exciting! I want to get a fitting session for putter. I've been reading a lot about toe hang/flow, putting and stroke paths, alignment, tempo...etc.

    Which putter do you currently use and how did you choose your putter?


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  2. I might have to get a new putter after seeing the 2020 special select
  3. Craig P

    Craig P
    Tacoma, WA

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!️ SCOTTY CAMERON
  4. Sher


    Craig P said:

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!         ️ SCOTTY CAMERON

    Which one do you currently use? Could you share a bit more with me on your experience / overall feel etc?
  5. Craig P

    Craig P
    Tacoma, WA

    CAMERON CROWN NEWPORT, NEWPORT 2, etc. collection of Scotty’s you cannot go wrong with any of the timeless masterpieces! 25 plus years of use by myself my friend. ENJOY and if you really want a GREAT EXPERIENCE go get FIT
  6. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    A thing of beauty. I'll bet the price is too.........
  7. Brian D

    Brian D

    I love be the face and bottom!! Not sure on the new lettering and font though...
  8. I'm very excited for these to drop. I LOVED my '08 and I have a hunch that this one will feel similar. I hope to have one fitted in time for my trip to SF this summer. I love the NP shape.
  9. Jason R

    Jason R
    Tomball, TX

    I want a Newport 2 but I am curious about the Squarback 2. If the Squareback 2 is that much more forgiving and consistent that could win me over.
  10. £430 is it?
  11. Love the pictures so far!! Anyone know the pricing on these?
  12. Steven P

    Steven P
    Washington, DC

    @SammyC I paid $399.

    I just received my 2020 Special Select Newport 2 and I love it. I will say, putting has always been a strength of mine and I've been using the 2016 Select Newport 2 for the last 4 years now, which I absolutely love - so flow for me is unchanged. IMO the new Special Select NP 2 feels even better. The balance and feel through the stroke from my hands to face feels even more naturally in-sync, something I didn't think was possible. For those interested, I'd definitely go and hit some putts with it and see if you have that same solidly natural feeling that I did at first putt.
  13. Don J

    Don J
    Cranston, RI

    I was checking the specs out seems like all the models have lot of toe flow so I'm sticking with the Scotty I have now
  14. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    I'll be trying out the Newport 2 and 2.5 soon
  15. Just ordered Newport 2. Was fitted last August by a top 100 fitter for a mallet. It just didn’t work for me. Can’t wait for the new Scotty.
  16. I got the Special Select fastback 1.5 I ordered it Sunday and should arrive tomorrow. Just in time for the weekend!!!
  17. Sandy J

    Sandy J
    Golden, CO

    I’m thinking of getting this also, in a 34”. I have a 1999 Tel 3 Newport 2, but looking for a mallet. Tell me what you think about it. Thanks, Sandy Jamesen
  18. Anybody notice extremely sharp corners on the Special Select Newport 2? Specifically the corners at the back of the top line, near the shaft. Seems like they were not filed down.
  19. It’s in the bag and is a instant game changer!!!
    Post Image
  20. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    Great putter,I have had mine for a week and love the feel and sound and thinner top line look.I am glad that Scotty has gone away from inserts for a while. It gives everybody a choice. Great putter IMO.
  21. Justin F

    Justin F
    Birch Creek Golf Coure

    I can’t wait to roll the new special selects.
  22. Little work on my NP2
    Post Image
  23. Scott M

    Scott M
    Newberry, SC

    I looking forward to getting my new Special Select Flowback 5.5. It will be replacing a Red X and a Detour that I have been using in the past. I like my Scotty's putters.
  24. Proud owner of Squareback 2. Love the face with no insert. Also a big fan of the grip. I also like the overall weight of the putter. Now, since my home course is closed, i am mastering the sharp left to right break on my carpet.

    If they ever make greens out of rugs, I will be a +8 handicap :)
  25. Just got my Flowback 5.5 yesterday, can't wait until the course opens again.
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