Refinishing a Cameron putter

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By Nerno

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  1. Nerno

    Canton, MA

    Besides the custom shop, where else have people had putters refinished?

  2. I would not refinish my SC Putter anywhere else since once it is worked on at another place you can never have it worked on in the Custom Shop in the future. Second, if the company messes something up you may not have a reputable firm to back it up thus possibly ruining your SC Putter.

    Overall, if you make the investment in a SC Putter, stick with the SC Custom Shop for all repairs and restorations.

  3. Manny A

    Manny A
    Staten Island, NY

    I have used and recommended the putter lounge. I have also had my Scotty 04 studio select refinished at Scotty Cameron and it cost about $250 without any customizations.

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