Ever wonder if you should buy a Scotty?

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By AWells

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  1. Well, I have wondered that since last fall when I got my new 718AP2's. Now a Scotty ain't cheap so its not something you might rush into, as I myself did not. But as you see in my other posts my Fiance bought me one last week and yesterday I went and took it for a test drive. I also took my old face balanced putter and decided to do a comparison. I did 3 comparisons with 15 balls each. First was same position same hole 15 balls each putter. The second test was set in the center of 3 holes, 5 balls at each hole ( 3 different lengths, slopes etc) with 15 balls in total for each putter. And thirdly was chipping and putting at holes, with 3 holes, 5 balls each from 3 different wedges and then finish them off with a putt. my results were quite eye-opening to me. 1st test, Old putter sank 2/15 putts, Scotty 8/15 putts 2nd test, Old putter 3/15 putts, Scotty 8.5/15 (1 lip out) 3rd test, Old putter 2/15, Scotty 9.5( sank 8, 3 lip outs)

    My Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 has MORE Control, More Feel, BETTER Balanced, GREATER Accuracy, and on and on and on. So if you yourself have ever wondered whether its worth it or not? or if it will help your game? I am here to tell you it is, 100% worth it. I am so grateful for Titleist, Thank you for making such amazing products, and being a fantastic company to help just an average golfer like myself, become better at my own game.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Guess seeing is believing and something that you feel comfortable with makes a difference. Getting properly fitted also helps.
  3. Zangetsu


    Yes I can second your whole post used to pretty much 3 put most holes. Yesterday I got the new 2018 2.5 newport select on a new course and man did it not dissapoint. My brother-in-law was watching me drop puts in 1 I would normally three putt. I can still here him saying man you’re crazy buying a putter that expensive but suddenly he was eager to get in on the Scotty Train.

    Funny thing is we warmed up on a par 3 course of 9 holes which I normally dreaded, but shot +1 and was victorious.
    Now all my in laws want to try out the new Scotty and all say I got to get me some of that.
  4. My rationale is that you hit your driver maybe 14 times a round give or take, and you hit your putter maybe 30 times(less on a good day, more on a not so good day). If you are going to spend money on your equipment, start with a putter. I have been holding a Scotty for over 15 years, and my short game is the best part of my game. Volley wedges don’t hurt, either. You can never go wrong with a Scotty.
  5. ADeLucia

    Raleigh NC

    once you go Scotty you never go back!
  6. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I was averaging 33 putts a round with my png Putter, the guys at the golf shop kept telling me I needed a Scotty to go along with my other Titleist clubs. I laughed because I was putting well with what I had. One day I went in with my putter to check it to the head of the Scotty putters as my png had a long head on it. I did my test on their putting surface I had never putted on. My png I made 15 of 24 & The Scotty I made 23 of 24, then ended up making 35 out of 40 from different places so I bought it & I am making more putts from 12ft or more than I ever had because of a truer ball roll. I haven't thought about the price since that day. I just look at my putts average (31.2 per RD) & smile
  7. Totally agree, I recently bought the Cameron & Crown Newport Custom design at 33", to get my head a little bit more over the ball and will never go back, although I loved my png B60.....the SC putter has cut 3 to 4 putts per round.
  8. Great to hear other people having the same results!! It tells me I am not batty in the belfry. And I am golfing Friday so I can't wait to get it out on real greens on a real course!! I'll have to post the results here...lol

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