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  1. trying to decide which grip for new 2018 SC Newport 2 - conflicting info, so asking if anyone can help clarify: the new SC Newport 2 comes with his standard grip which i have been told, weighs 85g. considering replacing with the SuperStroke Flatso 1.0, which is supposedly lighter at 55g(?) although, i have also been told, replacing a SC grip immediately reduces resale value (??)

    given that one would think SC grips are designed to go specifically with HIS putters, taking into account putter head weight & balance, + the shaft, leaning toward just staying with how it comes. on the other hand, read good things about the SS, but "supposedly" since they are lighter, may affect putter head & shaft performance.

    so, reaching out for any comments, advice. aware it may boil down to personal preference, but logically one would think SC has considered grip construction as part & parcel, but then again, it's his brand, SS is not. in addition, have read SC grips are simply Winn grips, disguised as a "SC", and have also read where many seem to be less happy.

    thx for any input.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    First and foremost, the putter is to put the ball in the hole. If a different grip works for you, do it. Same with gripping with low left, claw, etc. For resale, you should have the shop carefully remove the SC grip and save it for your collection or resale. There is one notable pro that has been using a png grip since he was a junior, including with his current 20 year old SC. 14 majors can't be wrong. For resale, I got a highly discounted SC, in part because it had a callie grip (of all things) until I got it home. Personally, I actually like the SC mid-sized grip.
  3. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    lots of rumors always around that "this is really just this", and "so and so makes Scotty grips", etc, etc. I do know that for as long as I have known, it's designed with the grip in mind and the weights put on it. If you're buying for re-sale value and not for use, then why care about what you put on. If you are going to use it and buy a Scotty for a Scotty, then go out to a fitting, try them out, and ask questions of the fitter. They'll answer anything you need, AND if something feels good to you, and works, get it. Don't worry what others think, let them just worry about paying you off at the end, or buying your drinks at the 19th.
  4. Matt W

    Matt W
    Troy, IL

    I wouldn’t worry about resale value as I’m guessing you’ll be using this putter for awhile. As far as balance that would be something that you would have to experiment with it. Jordan Speith uses a Scotty with a Super Stroke and seems to be fine. Also you could just get a Scotty matador grip which is similar to super stroke. Hope this helps.

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