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By Ronald H

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  1. Ronald H

    Ronald H
    Sandy, UT

    I've acquired a 2010/2011 35" Squareback2 circle H marked as "Heavy", with 2 15 gram weights. 1. I'm curious what the head weight is without the additional weights. 2. Is the head, itself, heavier than the standard Squareback2, or is it the weights that make it "Heavy"? 3. Will replacing the 15 gram with 10 gram, will that make it a "standard"?

  2. Ronald H

    Ronald H
    Sandy, UT

    Since no replies, I called Scotty Cameron putters. The head weighs 320 grams without weights. 2 - 10 gram weights are the norm, 2 - 15 gram makes it heavy. No weights in the the shaft

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