Question about a Scotty Cameron putter i've just bought.

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By The Edge

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  1. The Edge
    In the middle of nowhere, Cheshire

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    I've just bought a used Scotty Cameron studio select Newport 2.5 putter, with it being a discontinued putter i couldn't buy one new, it's my first Scotty Cameron putter btw, hope i've made a good choice with the model, i went for this one as i like the look of a traditional blade.

    I have a question, the putter is slightly too short for me in length, it's 33 inches and i normally have a putter that's around 36 inches. I'm in the UK so sending it to Scotty Cameron isn't really an option, from what i've read the original shaft that comes with the putter is designed to be a perfect fit weight wise for the head so they have a perfect balance, is that correct ?

    What are my options, could i have the shaft extended with an extender or would that affect the balance of the putter ? Could i order a longer shaft from Scotty Cameron and would they post to the UK ?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    I have had the same problem with my Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 and I was able to extend the putter using an extruder. I noticed a slight difference in the weighting but it still putted fine. My recommendation is to try it, and if the weighting is off, order the weighting kit from Scotty Cameron. It should work fine as it did with my experience.
  3. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    You can always add an extension however I would send it to Scotty Cameron Custom Shop. That is the only true way to know any work done on the putter will be appropriate and correct. IMHO
  4. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    One suggestion.

    For Titleist Putter or Club related questions, please contact Titleist Customer Service at (800) 555-9282
  5. The Edge
    In the middle of nowhere, Cheshire

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    Lets say i decide to lengthen the shaft with a shaft extender from 33 inches to 36 inches, will the putter head need heavier weights to compensate or lighter ones ?

    At the min the Studio Select Newport 2.5 has a 10g weight on each side.

  6. BK
    Williston, VT

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    If you lengthen your putter, you'll need lighter weights to keep the same swing weight
  7. Brett G
    Santa Barbara

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    I find that anytime I have added an extender, I end up removing it as the weighting never seems right. I would suggest getting a new shaft somehow. Good luck
  8. Axel G

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    I extended mine over 2“. I also had in depths beginning trouble adjusting to the new length. My solution to the weightproblem since I didn’t find lower weights than 10g is a counterweight (or try a heavy grip)

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