Belt Loop Bling?

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By D. Coble T

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  1. D. Coble T
    Denver, CO

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    I noticed both Jordan & Justin wore some belt loop bling in the Hero tourney. Any idea on what they are? Ball markers? I’d buy a Team Titleist one if available as I prefer to not have one in my pocket. Please for Christmas...thanks for any feedback!

    Brightwaters, NY

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    Any pictures. I always lose mine.
  3. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Probably security badges to get into Tiger's yacht. :)
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    May be a "player/contestant" badge. These type of events can be pretty laid back and volunteers may not know all the players. So a specific "badge" may be used to identify competitors.
  5. D. Coble T
    Denver, CO

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    All terrific suggestions...Or it might be a Mexican Sundial commemorating their epic trips to Cabo! Regardless, TT if you're listening, a belt clip ball marker would be sweet! Imagine the extra marketing potential with your name displayed on your players belts! I found one company in the UK that does them (, but not one here???
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    Would be very cool - good idea!
  7. D. Coble T
    Denver, CO

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    Sure would like to see a TT belt clip/ball marker! Any thoughts out there??? I purchased a Ken Rick golf belt that features a patented built-in buckle divot tool with a magnetic ball marker on the back side, very ingenious, but is kinda bulky and heavy on hot summer days. Trying to lighten the load on necessary tools. Any suggestions? Also, just read an article about a new clothing company, Caddy Slacks that can help.

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