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By Joshua B

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  1. Joshua B

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    Went to River Highlands Today to watch the TPC Wednesday Pro-Am and what a fun day it was with the wife! Met Jim Furyk and got his autograph watch Spieth practice for a while and even saw Rory hit. It was great weather and even had time to play 9 holes after my wife, nothing beats that! If you were in the area it's definitely worth visiting and having a blast for the day.

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    That looks so fun. It's always great to see that the professional golfers that time to acknowledge the spectators.
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    That's awesome! Sounds like a good day!
  4. Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

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    Cool...the guys on SiriusXM radio calling the tourney today all were raving about the course conditions. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  5. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    Took my son to watch his first tournament there about 20 years ago. Been going to Hartford since it was at Wethersfield back in the 70's. First time I got to see and speak to Mr. Palmer. They have ALWAYS run a great tournament there. First time with my son, (I think he was about 10). Parked in a neighbors front yard for $2. Paid less than $20 for our tickets, and stopped on the 10th fairway to get hot dogs and soda off one of the neighbors who was cooking the dogs and selling the soda. Made a few pros laugh when they saw my son eating a hot dog with ketchup (I know you're not supposed to put ketchup on a hot dog) all over his face from the dog. Great time, great tourney, great folks, and been back time and time again with kids and other family. Thanks Travelers.

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