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By Mike H

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  1. Mike H

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    I know he has quite the connection with Titleist, but he has been playing pretty well on the PGA tour this year all too 25s and looking good after round 1 at the fed ex st Jude and it is exciting to watch him play well in the US. He did a podcast earlier this year with no laying up that was real interesting to hear his experiences playing on the European tour. I will definitely be watching him at the US Open this year.

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    Love the No Laying Up podcast, very entertaining. Have you also listened to The Fried Egg, its kind of a sister company. Same funny style just different topics.
  3. Jason M
    Carl Junction, MO

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    Class Act guy ..... wish he could find his GSS that was stolen from him overseas...he could roll the rock with that putter...
  4. Rob_Roth1
    San Diego, CA

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    I have met Pete a couple of times and he is one of the nicest guys on tour. The European tour route isn't for everyone but I think in the long run it will make him a better player.

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