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By CBurgoa

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  1. I find it funny, when I putt from fringe or long I putt with an even long stroke and get good to ok results, but short (6 ft or under) putts I tend to push or pull while using the same tempo but shorter backstroke length, I also misread speeds. So now I putt short with a quicker snappier putt and have been getting consistently better results. Can anyone relate?

  2. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    If it works for you employing a Sneds-like "pop" stroke then keep it going! I try to use a 1-2-3-4stroke. I say to myself "E S P N" and try to mimic the cadence. Back on the E S and thru on the P N.
  3. Jay-C


    Lance P said:

    If it works for you employing a Sneds-like "pop" stroke then keep it going! I try to use a 1-2-3-4stroke. I say to myself "E S P N" and try to mimic the cadence. Back on the E S and thru on the P N.

    I tried this and it works wonders. Tempo is one of the thing I struggle with the most
  4. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    25% back, 75% through - Phil Mickelson Secrets of the Short Game.. well worth watching.
  5. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I'm a die putter.My tempo is quick and ugly. Although I read putts quite well, I'm usually short. Left 2 on the lip yesterday and had 2 others do a 360 around the hole.Oh well.......
  6. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    My stroke and tempo were awful for a long time until I went to club champion and got fit for the correct putter type and toe hang. It made a world of difference in cleaning up my stroke and tempo and I was able to refine it from there. Anyone who hasn't been fitted for the club you use the most, its an absolute must!
  7. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    My tempo is attached to my reading backwards from hole to the ball. As I bring my eyes back to the ball I take the club back then thru similar to a pop stroke. I've been more consistent doing this. It prevents me from taking my eyes behind the ball watching my putter head on the takeaway and missing my mark & the putt. Follow through is about 50% shorter than my takeaway on most putts.

  8. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    I use a metronome and keep beeps between 75-80 BPM, pretty easy to use a cell phone app to get you going in right direction!
  9. Wunderlich


    Purchased a Birdie Balk green and use the Putt Out trainer and that has really helped me this season. That Putt Out Trainer really has helped on the 5’ and shorter putts.
    Post Image
    Post Image
  10. William S

    William S

    I walk from my ball to the hole (or to a ridge, or break point) and count how many paces I am from the target. I return to the ball and take my stance. I always place the ball directly in front of my forward foot (I'm right handed so this is my left foot) but this is personal preference and as I'll explain, it helps me to measure my backswing and follow through. Now, if my pace count was 12 steps, I stand with 12 inches between my feet. However, the tip of my shoes is my focal point. In the backswing and follow through that 12 inches now comes into play. My back swing is now 12 inches back from the forward ball position and the follow through is 12 inches past the forward position. I see this as a mechanical part of my game. Feel is also extremely important. The weight of the putter head provides me with feel. For reading gradual breaks I momentarily stand perpendicular to the line at various points and "feel" my weight on either the heels, toes, or soul of my feet. Lets me know how my body is leaning and therefore, the break. Practice
  11. JAM


    I simply get behind the ball, take my read and hit it.
  12. I always use my feet and sports team for tempo. Feet go close together for close or fast putts and further away for long or slow putts. The backstroke goes till it reaches my back foot. I then internally when practicing say the city of my favorite sports team and on the follow through the name of my team. Taught that at an early age and helps me.
  13. BCH


    I would say slow for the tempo.

    Used to play soccer and my coach stressed the fact that muscle memory is better learned with a slow tempo when learning new movements. It stuck and tried to apply to other sports. Seems to work for me.
  14. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Soft hands and let the club head do all the work, ensuring that I am lined up properly. If you practice you will know the correct speed from the appropriate distances. If the green is real fast, I bring the putter in bit closer. Golf is 90% luck and the other 10% is mental........with respect......
  15. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Said that wrong, it 90% in your head and the other 10% is mental.......in my case it's all mental..... =)
  16. I really like that for me I just keep the ball in the middle for all putts
  17. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    My putting tempo is 1 2 3 4. I practice my cadence on the putting green by saying to myself as I putt: "E S..P N"
  18. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    My tempo I believe is slow. However, that can be dependent upon the dreaded 5 footers. Generally it includes a little prayer prior and often violations of a commandment about taking a name in vain.
  19. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Simple, smooth tempo, with only a turn of the shoulders back and through the ball as if there is no ball there at all. No hitting at the ball! No wrists, no steering. This typically creates a good true roll most every time with more consistency of pace, and little to no bouncing (unless the greens are terrible) along the way.

    How Sneds uses that pop stroke is beyond my comprehension. Doesn't make sense to my "roll the ball" mentality.
  20. George L

    George L
    Mentor, OH

    Been using the Blast unit for the last month, monitors tempo, face angle, rotation etc., have seen success as far as my tempo forward to back ration and ratio, producing a nice smooth flow, while also reducing by twisting torque issues that come with my previous quicker stroke. This has been especially helpful and true in working with the new Del Mar putter.
  21. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Pace, pace, pace. I have been watching amateurs playing at my local course, me included. Rarely do I see many putts go past the hole. I turn on a golf tournament on TV and rare is the putt that comes up short. I am realizing that i will never hole anything short but might occasionally sink one that gets to or past the hole. Tempo is important but distance control is what I plan to work on for 2021. Going to start logging how many first putts per round reach the hole. My goal being 75% or more. I bet I am 50% or less right now.
  22. gary h

    gary h
    Torrance, CA

    fast or slow, ensure you turn your shoulder not the movement of your arm along.
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