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By Ben Blalock

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  1. Dear Team Titleist golfers,

    Placing the ball properly is the last fundamental of creating a set up position that will produce consistent, repeating results.

    For years, I went by the old-time, tried and true method of playing the ball "back in the stance" with wedges and progressively moving it forward with each longer club until arriving at the in-step of the lead foot for the driver.

    As my understanding of the golf swing has evolved over the last 20 odd years of teaching players at every level of the game, I've come to understand that the ball position process that each player uses needs to match their own concept of the swing. I have found it to be much easier for players to use a central ball location for all club's played from the surface of the ground... wedges, short, mid- and long irons, hybrids and fairways as well. Only when the ball is on a tee does it need to move forward in the stance.

    It is important to note however, that this idea works best with the swing that I teach - which is one that doesn't involve a heavy forward shift of pressure during the downswing. More details coming up on that later this week...

    For now, consider the question - does your ball position make sense with the way you swing?

    Best regards and thanks for watching!


  2. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Love this, underrated part of set up that people dont pay attention too! Myself included!
  3. l


    Eric H said:

    Love this, underrated part of set up that people dont pay attention too! Myself included!

    Agreed I tend to over look these things and start rushing
  4. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Interesting...tell me more!

    Dr. K
  5. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    I used to follow that routine, until I worked with Canadian Golf Doctor, Terry Miscolski. He teaches, and I now use, a single swing. Find the low point of your swing, then place the ball just short of that so the club catches the ball before bottoming out. (Yes, I understand current teaching says hit the driver on the upswing but I find that simply widening my stance does that for me with the driver.) In my case, the ball is one club head back from my front foot, except when I'm in a bunker. Then it moves forward. The idea is based on a consistent low point in the swing. In the sand, that low point needs to be behind the ball, thus it is forward. Simple, easy, consistent set up and swing.
  6. Any way to simplify the set-up is great by me
  7. Ben, thanks very much. Looking froward to seeing your next installment, as for years I've been told that the swing should bottom out under the left arm - something that never really made sense to me if you're right hand is also on the club.
  8. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    Thanks Ben for the tip. I am working on my set-up now.I get lazy about it from time to time.
  9. Alex Moon

    Alex Moon
    Kansas City

    I follow this already almost to a 'T', however, it's a tiny bit different for me. My swing actually bottoms out just a tad behind what most people's would. Instead of me changing the attack angle on my irons, I've just moved the ball back slightly in my stance. I hit all of my woods super forward in my stance though and get the distance and control I want/need.
  10. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Well said Ben. Very informative.I'm certain your students will benefit, along with TT members who participate in this forum.Personally, my swing is unique and complicated. It's not a one plane swing; I take it inside, loop it,and load very late-keeping that 90 degree angle between forearm and shaft late into the downswing. As you can imagine I have low penetrating ball flight.

    I've found that if I play the ball too far back I chunk it;too far forward I knife it. I play the ball slightly forward of the center of my stance.
  11. JAM


    When I have a flat lie I play my irons and fairway metal in the middle of my stance and I play my driver off my left heel.
  12. JSmith

    Charlotte, NC

    Thanks for the tip. I feel that I fell into the habit of playing the ball too far back in my stance with my irons, creating too steep of angle of attack. This caused a low spiny ball flight. Definitely taking this knowledge to the range this morning...
  13. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I use torso position as a basis. The left side of my head lines up with the ball. It appears like I play it behind my left heel with the driver, 2" behind the front foot with a fairway, slightly front of center with hybrids and center with short irons. I move my feet to make it appear I'm playing back in my stance on a tight lie.
  14. Scotty R

    Scotty R

    I play my driver off my front heel and play my irons in the middle of my stance, sometimes I’ll play my wedges back a bit if I want to generate more spin. Great topic!
  15. richard f

    richard f

    Useful improvement information that is thanks
  16. Elson C

    Elson C

    I really like how simple Ben's videos are compared to some other ones, I really enjoy the few videos he has put out to help us to get a better game.
  17. I feel like I always tend to keep my ball position forward in my stance. It feels more comfortable to me but I know that it can create inconsistent shots.

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