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By Sam

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  1. Sam


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    I got my new bag tag in the mail today. I could not help but notice that the bag tag is about the same size as a cup on the golf course. This is perfect for home practice on the carpet or during a tournament when all the practice green holes are being used. Plus, the rubber material of the new one creates less noise than the previous plastic model when on the bag. Thank you Titleist!

  2. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Great idea......
  3. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Great comments! The bag tag is definitely worth keeping around as you pointed out for all sorts of fun!

    By the way, you left out the ability the bag tag has as a coaster for after round drinks! (actually, I am very serious)
  4. Chris R
    Madison, MS

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    That is a great idea!!!
  5. Robert
    Corpus Christi, TX

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    i do the same with my Scotty Cameron bag tag. works perfect.
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    That's a great idea! Thanks!
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    Great tip!
  8. Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

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    I did not know that! Thank you!
  9. Joe L
    Boca Raton, FL

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    New bag tag? Awesome, im in need of a new one now that I have ordered a full line of the 917 woods/ 716 CB irons...any pic of it?
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    How do you get a bag tag? I need one on my bag!!
  11. Parthur
    Marshfield, MA

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    Good suggestions. I have a pretty old (and quite yellowed) tag. Shape is like a mail box end door: flat on bottom and rounded at the top. After all the guys without a bag tag get one, I would love to get a new one. The putting disk/coaster ideas are great.

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