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By Matthew J

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    My biggest issue with my game currently is my driver. My driver has a super low ball flight along with a hook. I have tried multiple things to try and fix it but nothing has worked. What are possible faults in my swing and/or the driver itself? The specs for my driver are 10.5 Degrees with a regular flex.

  2. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    If you haven't been fit for your driver, I would start there. You could have the wrong shaft for your swing. For a quick fix, try weakening your left hand on the grip, in effect opening the face of your driver. This, if done properly, should add height to your drives and eliminate your hook. Spend some time at the range to figure out how much to weaken your left hand grip.
  3. DV

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    There are many causes for a hook and without seeing your swing it is difficult to pinpoint the nature of the problem. One thing I would look at first is ball position. Is it positioned inline with your armpit? If the is is OK, then you might want to check how high your ball is teed up. Tee your ball high enough so half the ball extends above the top of the club head when the clubhead is resting on the ground behind the ball. A little higher is OK though. Also, assuming you have an average swing speed (around 100MPH), try to change your swing so you are hitting up on the ball at impact. Another thing that will straighten the ball out is to change the swing plane so you are hitting on a higher swing plane than your current swing. Try to position your hands a little higher at the top of the swing. Try to get hands above your head at the top of your swing. One other thing you can check is your grip. Position your grip so the V's formed between you thumb and index finger point toward your right eye at address (assuming you are right-handed golfer). I think if you experiment with some of these changes there's a good chance you will effect your ball flight so you're hitting more fairways. Finally, if none of this helps, try to bring the grip handle down pointing toward the ball from the top of the swing. Experiment by trying to hold the grip pointing at the ball for as long as you can, arms normally extended, before you finally release the clubhead.

    Good Luck,

  4. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    I believe you have the wrong shaft (need one with a softer flex and higher launch angle) as a starting point. By getting fitted at a Titleist Fitter you will gain the confidence that you have the correct equipment for your game, then the rest is up to you with lessons and hard work! Good Luck!!
  5. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Going to a retailer and just fitting a club to what you bring in won't be as beneficial as a pro that can also make suggestions to make some quick corrections, be it gripping or swing plane, as well as finding the loft and shaft for your swing. Hooking may be releasing the club early so the face closes. But I'm not an instructor - see a well-regarded pro shop.
  6. Justin M
    Bothell, wa

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    I had a very similar shot description earlier this summer. Without seeing your swing it is hard to know what is going on so I will describe what issue I had but not sure if it is relatable. For me, the undesirable miss was a combination of two issues, first, I was blocking my hips. I started this habit as a result of a slice that I had a few years ago. I strengthened my grip to straighten out a slice so now if I don't turn my hips and shoulders all the way through, I will release the club early with a strong grip creating a low hook shot shape. The second issue was a lack of unison in my hands. I am a right handed player that focused on my left hand to control the club face creating a lazy right hand. This resulted in me swiping up on the ball at impact which created undesirable top spin. I now focus on driving through the ball with the pad on my palm beneath my index and middle finger. These two swing thoughts (turn through and pressure with right palm) have really helped me drive longer, higher, and straighter. I am no coach and have got some good advice from others that helped me and am hoping this may help as well :)

    Best of luck and happy golfing!

  7. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    There are so many possibilities. As the guys have mentioned above, you have one of 2 issues, and in my opinion, you have a swing path problem first, a face problem 2nd.......As Justin mentioned, just the timing of the hands can get us in trouble. If you swing out to in, with passive hands, you'll hit the low draw. Aggressive hands are gonna produce a hook. As Don said, and my friends LAUGH at me for doing it, find an instructor and forge a relationship.........That relationship is why I can just call him and he knows my swing, my faults, and the cause.....It's actually pretty funny, him laughing at me when I tell him whats going on.......
  8. Fred C
    Mansfield, TX

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    Chances are this is a simple fix. Ask a good player you know to look at your setup and swing. If you can't do that, ask your pro. It's may cost you a lesson but will be worth it in more enjoyment.

    If you can't do either, let me ask, are you pushing or pulling the shot? I noticed you have a Regular shaft and this can cause a hook on its own, although typically, this will not fly significantly lower. If you are also pulling the ball and hitting a low hook chances are you are starting down with your arms/hands then, sliding your hips such that you deloft the shot and pull it. As you start down, make your hips initiate the downswing and feel as though you are swinging past your chin. This should keep you "behind the ball" and launch it higher. One note: The position of the forward shoulder joint at impact relative to the ball dictates the low point in the swing. If the shoulder joint is behind the ball at impact, you will automatically swing "up" and launch a driver shot higher with less spin. If the shoulder joint is forward of the ball at impact, you will hit hit down on the ball, launching the ball lower with more spin.
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    Update on this situation: I have weakened my grip to a more neutral grip and have eliminated the low hook but now I have the trajectory that I want with the dreaded slice. How do I fix my slice and turn it into either a draw or a slight fade? Could I adjust my stance to a more closed stance?
  10. DV

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    At this point you really should see a certified PGA teaching pro to get you on the right track. There are no miracle cures or quick fix tips that anyone can give you that will work without seeing your swing. This is the best advice anyone can give you.

    Best Wishes,


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