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By Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

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    As we head into the offseason up here in New England, I thought it would be fun to hear about everyone's favorite drills when it comes to working on their games. From putting and chipping to full swing drills... what are some of your favorites to help improve your game or keep the swing tuned up throughout the winter?

    Here's one of my favorites...

    Drill: Knockdown shots with a 6-iron

    Goal: Help me get into the proper impact position and clubhead path through impact

    A pretty simple drill that I work into every range session is hitting knock down shots with a 6-iron. A teacher recommended this drill for me to help get into the proper position at impact and to help with my clubhead path through impact. Simple but effective. The other added benefit... this is also a great go-to recovery/escape shot to have in the bag.

  2. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Since winter hasn't arrived yet here in STL, no drills for me at this time....I'm still playing two or three times a week.  Once the cold weather moves in, then it's into the gym most days with maybe one or two range sessions a week just to stay loose and keep the swing reasonably intact (a course close to me has a nice covered & heated hitting area).  I typically work on my take-away and follow-through & making solid contact, but I only hit irons and hybrids, no woods.

  3. Matt P
    Dublin, OH

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    The star drill around a cup.  2,4,6 footers.  Have never had more confidence over a putt, less pressure on lag putts which mentally helps me lag it closer.

  4. Chris Hatem

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    Mike D, I love the knockdown 6 iron drill. I use it all the time. To add on to this drill it really is a great drill for getting workability into your game. Trying to hit knockdown draws and fades with two targets; a starting target and an ending target (to be sure that youre not hooking or slicing).
  5. Steve L
    Framingham, MA

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    I love to do a ladder drill in my backyard which is 40 yards long.  It helps my short game,  visualization , trajectory, and I'm not hitting the same shot consecutively.  I can challenge myself by choosing a low shot followed by a flop shot etc.  as long as I  maintain the ladder.  I sometimes do ladder drills on the putting green to help with distance control.  

  6. Michael P
    Athens, AL

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    This is just as simple as it sounds- swinging any club with hand towel draped under both arms.  Don't let the towel fall out.  This teaches me to stay connected through my chest and arms. I don't understand the power of this drill but it just works!  When I return to play, I'll even do this on the range or to warm up. Keeps the dreaded "chicken wing" out of my swing.

  7. David T
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

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    Starting to get colder here in Michigan so I had my 1st winter lesson on Friday and last night I hit for about 45 minutes in what my wife lovingly refers to as the "de-range" out in the garage. Its one of those 10x10 cages w/ a commercial mat.  

    I have a Swingbyte so I use that to keep and eye on path and angles (face, attack) and shaft lean. I also broke out a brand new can of Dr. Scholls foot spray to work on impact location.

    I've built a bunch of gadgets that I use depending on what I'm working on.(and to keep from getting bored)

    • Couple of swiming pool noodles & pvc pipe that I can adjust to all kinds of crazy shapes for plane work
    • A "U" shaped piece of plexiglass that I put behind the ball to make sure I'm not hitting it fat
    • A tour striker for that hands forward strike
    • An old 2-iron blade  - if you want negative reinforcement try mis-hitting that in a 40* garage in January!
    • A 4 x 5 mirror I got at a surplus building supply store that I use to try and look more like Adam Scott vs Furyk
    • A couple of driveway markers that I'll put two on the ground and one through my belt loops 
    • I built 3 overspeed shafts - one at -20%, one a -10% and one at +10% that I use with a swing radar to try and keep my ss up.
    • An old beach towel for the under-the-arm drill 

    After I get through all of this its April and time to play golf again!

  8. Paul P
    Rochester, NY

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    Since Most of the courses around here have officially shut down.  I have a pretty sweet putting green I practise with in my basement.  This year I am concentrating on 6,5,4,3 ft putts.  This is where I need the most help on the greens to make more par's and hopefully birdies this upcoming season.  

    Indoor range once a week, and I keep my Gap Wedge in my office and swing every day whenever I can.

  9. Todd T
    San Diego, CA

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    Putting on a foot long ruler.. Keeping it on line means a proper roll!
  10. Bigmoochi
    Cape Girardeau, MO

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    I had a golf coach once tell me that I should practice like I play.  

    - Never hit more than 5 shots on the range (after warming up) with the same club.

    - Line every shot up

    - Practice every shot you think you will need on the range

    - Swing at 80%

    - For every driver you hit on the range, hit 3 wedges.

    So I came up with a game.  At the practice range at my CC we have a green/ red flag at 110 yards. green/ yellow flag at 155 yards, green/ blue flag at 195 yards.  There are flags at different distances, but not greens.  The first swing is practice, the next two swings are for points.  2 points for landing it on the green, 5 for inside 5 yards (est).  I never hit more than 3 shots before moving onto the next club.  I practice until I get 50 points.  

  11. Matt W
    Troy, IL

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    Putting drill set eight tees around a hole approximately three to four feet away with balls at each tee. Roll these putts for a bit, seeing how many you can make in a row and before you quit you have to make all eight in a row before quitting. Real pressure when you are at six or seven and then miss one and have to start over. Makes those short putts on the course seem a lot easier.

  12. Matt W
    Troy, IL

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    Another favorite that doesn't require hitting a ball and can be done indoors is take your driver and an alignment stick. While gripping your driver hold the alignment stick at the midway point and make sure the stick is resting on your hip make sure the stick stays on your hip while taking it back. Keeps me from breaking my wrists too early and coming to far inside. 

  13. ben l
    Cumming, GA

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    For me the short game tends to get rusty during the off season.  I keep a wedge handy at home and work on my pitching and chipping feel by hitting balls while looking at my target.  It helps me link the distance perception and feel so that I keep the rust off.  

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    Hitting blades in the cold basement is always helpful in contact.

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