Shallow, Thin Side Pockets on Mid Staff Bag

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By Doug E

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  1. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I've had a current Titleist Mid-Staff bag for a couple years now, but was familiar with the previous model too. They both have these very small thin side pockets on either side near the top, which frankly, I'm not sure what they might be designed to hold. There is very little depth or width to them. They are more like a sleeve than a pocket. I'm curious as to what those of you who have the mid-staff bag keep in each of these two side pockets. Also, I'm not sure if the larger Staff bag is the same, but if so, please chime in if you have one.

    I've tried a number of different storage ideas for these small thin pockets, but nothing seems to be a great fit. An iPhone will fit if there is nothing else inside. Back in the day, I'm sure a flip phone would fit too. Since I keep my iPhone in my back pants pocket, I don't use either for that.

    I have finally started to use the left side pocket for my two ball-marking Sharpies and my Frogger Brush, which I purposely leave sticking up and out the top of the pocket for easy access when I need it. (I never liked a brush hanging from the side of the bag. It always got caught on something.) In the right-side pocket, I usually throw in my keys, and I sometimes jam my wallet in too if I forget to leave it in my locker. I also store a few business cards in a thin case in that pocket as well, for quick access if I meet someone who is a good networking prospect.

    In the past I have stored tees, extra pencils, a small note pad, etc., bit nothing ever seemed like it was the perfect fit for those pockets, and very small items are tough to get out, since your hand is too big to get all the way in there that easily. What about you guys? What do you store in those pockets? I'm very curious. I don't expect my new 2020 model to have different/larger side pockets, so I'm already trying to come up with a new and better plan for how to use them most efficiently. Long tees in the left one, short tees on the right? We'll see. First I want to hear your ideas.

    (Yes, I admit it. I am a bit OCD.)

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  2. JSmith

    Charlotte, NC

    Interesting point. I too wonder what some of the pockets on the staff stand bag were designed to hold. Almost like you need an owner’s manual for all of the pockets.
  3. Stuart L

    Stuart L
    Warrington, Cheshire

    Hi Doug
    I've always used the left hand side one for my scorecard
  4. I keep sharpies in the left, and small bags of tees in the right.

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