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By Artem Frolov

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am currently writing a Project about the design of a telescopic golf club.

    As a club I have decided to use 7 iron as it is the most practical and most commonly used (especially for the beginners) one. I have also calculated that the most practical amount of parts would be 4.

    I am slightly stuck on trying to estimate the length of each part, assuming that they should be equal. During my research, I found ( that the length of Titleist's 718 AP2 7 iron is 37 inch. Although, when I searched the shaft specifications, I found ( that the length of the shaft varies between 37 and 41 inches. It is not hard to understand that the length of the club itself consists not only of shaft but a head as well.

    My question is what is the length of the shaft installed on 718 AP2 7 iron?

    Thanks a lot!

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