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By Fred S

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  1. Fred S

    Fred S
    McLean, VA

    I have used a Scotty Cameron carry bag with a 6 way top for a long time. It is showing the wear of years of hard work. I love this bag and would never change but I fear I do not have long left with it. The strap is worn bare and the strap connections near the top are coming off the bag. It is only a matter of time before they come off completely.

    My question is: Does Titleist have any plans on making a carry bag with a 6 way top? I realize the Scotty bag I have was made by another manufacturer but I would love a new Titleist carry bag with a 6 way top. Hopefully there is one coming and is available before mine becomes unusable.

    Someone help I am in a panic...... It feels like I am getting ready to get rid of an old friend.

  2. Dro


    Fred, it’ll be okay. Keep it close by and just talk to it when you get lonely, brother.
  3. Bruce S

    Bruce S
    Sunnyvale, CA

    I thought that Sun Mountain made both Scotty and Titleist bags. My original Scotty bag also has 6 dividers which I really like.

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