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By David V

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    Hi everyone, looking for some reviews on the stand bags. Really want one but am afraid of their price and heard the legs do not stay back and flip around when walking. Has anyone has a rvlems with the legs not staying against the bag when walking with it? Anyone have suggestions on places to find the bags cheaper? Right now, I am almost set on getting a cally bag from Dicks Sporting goods.



  2. richard f

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    I had a 14way one for years and had no problem with the stand or legs , what so ever
  3. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Have a Titleist lightweight and have had no problems with the legs. There is a strap at the bottom to keep them in place, when walking.
  4. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Have not had any trouble with legs on my 2017 Player 4 or 2016 Stadry 4up. If you want a deal, catch a close out on past years models. Search golf shop websites. We (TT’s) don’t want to hear about those ugly Cally bags.
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    I have owned three and never had a problem.
    Obviously, putting a bag with legs on smooth concrete is different than putting it on the fairway. And the amount of 'stuff' you carry (other than clubs) will matter.
    Personally, I wouldn't buy a shoelace from Dicks, unless you get a discount.
    You mentioned being concerned about the price, then why go to an expensive retailer? Check out a model from a year ago or a Dec. 26 sale.
    Get one you really like at a price that makes sense to you. If you're not in a hurry, should be no problem.
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    I would look into the warranty that Dick's offers, as well as that of Cally and Titleist. Most stand bags have this issue at some point or another, and there are many easy fixes for it. Dicks will not offer any repair on the bag, and they will only allow a partial refund after it is used (80% I believe). If you purchase a Titleist bag through a pro or golf shop, and the issue occurs within a year of purchase, Titleist will repair or replace with another model after the bag is returned. Good luck with your decision!
  7. Ralph C
    Portland, ME

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    My Titleist stand bag lost it's leg not long after I purchased it, and I've been using it as an improvised cart bag ever since. I like to fly the Titleist colors (so everyone knows who leaves those nice Titleist balls in the woods, lol), but I won't invest more money into my bag, and I wouldn't purchase another. I was considering replacing my vintage png tour bag with a Titleist, but my stand bag experience has made me reconsider my options. I hope this helps, and I'm very happy to hear other's experiences have been more pleasant.
    Dartford, 0

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    I have the 2017 Players StaDry and have never had any issues with the legs dropping.
    Great Bag...
  9. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    I've owned carry bags with legs from several manufacturers. I've never gotten more than 3 years out of any bag, with the exception of Titleist. Their bag lasted 8 years and still has no problems. I stopped using it only because the color started to fade on the bag. The black was turning a purple color due to the sun. I replaced that bag with another Titleist bag last year. It was the staff bag with legs. I don't think they sell that one anymore.
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    Titlest bags are the most reliable bags out there. I would strongly suggest any real golfers attempt to stray away from sporting goods places like Dicks. Getting it right from the sourse insures the best quality. Titlest bags for the win.
  11. Jeremy L
    Many, LA

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    I have the 2016 Titleist lightweight stand bag and love it. There is a strap at the bottom that will keep the legs in while you walk. Also, it fits good on the golf cart!
  12. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    I have a Staff Stand bag, and the Stay Dry 4up Stand bag. Love them both. One for walking when I forget to charge the battery and the other for traveling. I've had the legs droop a little after a couple years but never had a problem just using the spacer in between the wire supports to adjust and take out the drooping. Single straps on both bags too. Never a fan of the "straight jacket" system.
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    Thank you all for your time and thoughtful comments. Hoping to make a purchase soon and find a deal.
  14. Ralph C
    Portland, ME

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    David, I thought I would add that Team Titleist and Acushnet Customer Service reached out to me regarding the issue with my stand bag, and resolved it beyond my expectations. For a company to do this, in this day and age, is almost unheard of. I would, based on my experience, highly recommend purhasing a Titleist bag. They stand behind their products, and they've got your back.
    Hope this helps.

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