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    With my purchase of my new 718 AP2's and Vokey wedges, my game has improved by quite a bit. Therefore I thought it prudent when I am playing to purchase a few new gloves. I was previously using Footjoy and some other brand we won't mention with good success. But then I tried on a Titleist Players glove, and oh my did it feel so supple and almost like a second skin. When I picked up my irons with it on my first round it was amazing. It felt almost as if I didn't even need to hold the club as the glove stuck to the grip beautifully. I started to wonder why I have never bought this product before? lol But on my second round, on the third hole, I put on my glove and ripped a beautiful drive. But when I went to remove my glove, a large piece had peeled off like a piece of sunburnt skin does. (see picture bottom left corner). So I am wondering if this is the normal performance for this type of glove. As it is very very soft and supple, very tacky. Does this compromise the durability a considerable amount? Is it expected to only last 1-2 rounds of golf? I am curious as to others who use the Players gloves and their experiences. Any feeback is greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance

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    Looks like you might have the same two grip faults as me! My left hand is very close to the butt of the grip, with part of my palm actually hanging off. I also slightly loosen and regrip the club during my swing. Neither, ideal habits! Very hard on gloves!
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    I'm not enough of an expert to suggest you change your grip, but that wear pattern is usually the result of not holding the club far enough up in your fingers. You can see here - that the line should be across the base of the fingers. I used to wear out the heels of my gloves but that changed as I worked on multiple swing issues with my teaching pro. My gloves now go out of service due to getting nasty ugly from soaking through sweating and/or dirt.
  4. Scott D

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    I use the Titleist Players Perma-Soft glove with good success. They do last a good number of rounds. Like Guy O indicates the tear on the palm of the hand comes from gripping to high on the club handle, I know this because it is one of my faults as well. When I notice the glove showing those wear marks I know to move down on the grip. Hope this helps.
  5. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    I am a strong supporter of the Acushnet family. This is copied from the regarding wear and care of their gloves, which could apply to your situation.

    " Heel Wear - You may be re-gripping at the top of your swing, or you may be holding the club too close to the end. Check that you are gripping the clubs about an inch from the end. "
  6. richard f

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    I have the same problem , I'm always having to buy new gloves
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    OK so I took everyone's advice and looked at my grip etc, as well I asked my local pro, and everything seems to be fine. I was informed my grip is a tad strong but the position was fine. But I think the point that I perhaps didnt make clear was, that my FootJoy gloves don't "tear" nor have they, but the Titleist Players glove did. So I was wondering why one would over the other? Did I just get a bad batch of gloves? ( I bought 3 of them).
  8. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    I suggest that you try the Titleist Perma Soft. It is a little thicker but with the same excellent feel as the Players glove. That should take care of the problem.

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