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By HIoannou

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  1. HIoannou
    United kingdom

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    Hello there friends.

    I currently own a set of 718 AP3 irons and this my second set. I recently upgraded from AP1 716. now i have been with titleist clubs for years now. My putter is scotty, my driver is the current 917 along with 917 3 wood ect. Let me get to the point! I would love to get a bag tag for my bag or some other cool goodies that Team Titleist offer even a awesome phone cases would be great, i have been loyal for a while now.

    Thanks if anyone knows how i can get a bag tag or even any cool stuff, like head covers would be pretty cool. i would much appreciate it. You can send me a message or reply back, all the best.

    Thanks harry :)

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    Glad you are rocking Titleist! Definitely the best in golf.

    To get your bag tag, you simply have to have your profile 100% complete and then you should have one appear in your mailbox. To receive other gear, stay active and positive on forums and you never know what might show up in your mailbox. I agree the TT headcovers would be awesome!

    Titleist all the way!
  3. David

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    yea the bag tag seems pretty cool. I'm new to team titleist, anyone have an idea on how long until the bag tag shows up after completing your profile 100%?
  4. Kenneth C
    Bellevue, WA

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    I don't recall ever getting a Team Titleist bag tag, and, my profile has been 100% for a while. I show off my Team Titleist membership with my AP3's.
  5. HIoannou
    United kingdom

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    Someone I knew had a spare titleist bag tag and was happy to donate it to me, let me say it looks great :) all I need now is some great Team Titleist head covers that would awesome :)
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  6. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    Check EBay,some guys are selling or bidding it ,goes from $25 to $45 a pop,SAD.
  7. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Having a profile that is 100% and being very active on the site is a good start to getting a TT bag tag. You can purchase Titleist head covers at most Titleist dealers in either black or white. The TT white head covers were a new item that was part of the tee package for participants at the TT invitational at TPC Sawgrass in September. TT has events during the year where items are passed out to those in attendance that are not normally mailed out. Stick around and sign up for one the events when they are offered. Patience is a virtue, as they say. Stay active and you never know a tag may appear in the mail.
    Congrats on the new AP3s.
  8. HIoannou
    United kingdom

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    Hello there chuck.

    Thanks for you reply, its just that i am fairly new to this website and only just signed up a while back. Anyway guess what! my friend had a spare bag tag and donated it to me which was nice :) However this morning i had an unexpected deliver man handing me a package and guess what was inside it :) another bag tag! I now have two. If anyone is reading this and would like one i will be happy enough to send it to them for free just message me back :)

    cheers harry.
  9. HIoannou
    United kingdom

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    Hi guys great news regarding the topic! Someone I knew was happy enough to give me there TT bag tag :) I was so happy and am feeling great rocking it on my bag :) have a competition on Friday let’s hope I score well.

    Ps: some TT hardcovers would be awesome anyone know how I can get them ? :)

    Cheers Harry.
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    Hi All

    Has anyone had any luck with the page to register for the bag tag to be sent?

    It seems when I go in and request it just displays the same page again.
  11. HIoannou
    United kingdom

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    Yes hellow friend, I completed my account profile and it became 100% and the next day I recived my bag tag in the post! I was so surprised how quick it came! Have a few more attempts buddy if it still doesn’t work, I have spare bag tag that I’m willing to send you for free.

    All the best.
  12. MMaingre
    Bordeaux - FRANCE

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    We can say you are a lucky man.
    My profile is 100% since a while but I still did not receive anything.
    Just have to wait and one day I will be lucky.
    Patience is the key word...for golf and TT gifts :-)
  13. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    No luck with the TT bag tag form. Mine was stolen so hopin' I can replace it. Either way Team Titleist is numero uno!

  14. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    Titleist UK....Good luck guys!!!

  15. Paul C

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    Harry you seem to have an awful lot of good luck on your side, first a friend had a spare and then you receive yours through the post once your profile is 100%!!

    Hopefully that luck is transmitting itself to the golf course also for you.

    Hope the tag looks good on your bag and you are enjoying your AP3's, mine are arriving this week hopefully and I can't wait!!

    All the best :)

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