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By Hotsauce

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  1. Hotsauce
    Georgetown MA

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    A little bird told me that Titleist was making a more compact version of the lightweight carry bag for 2018 (similar to the 4 up but not so much $$). If this is true, is there anyway the TT crew can get a preview?

    Several other companies have created light weight bags, and I feel it's the only area Titleist is slacking. I don't need much in a bag, just enough room for a couple extra pro v's and Speedy's $20s

    Personally I would love a Sunday sized bag with a two way divider, backpack strap, and a stand. I love the Sunday bag, but the single strap wears on you and the clubs get soaked if you're a dew sweeper. The small nub stand is cool, but snags on you if you switch shoulders during the walk.

    Hopefully the 2018 bag line with feature something for the moderate minimalist!

  2. Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

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    Yes, yes and yes! I love this idea, Josh. I've been searching for a very lightweight, minimalist bag WITH a stand to serve as my walking go-to. My course has a 9-hole par 3 that I love to go and walk. I typically take with me 7 i-SW plus putter, a few balls, laser and not too much more. The single strap and non-stand bags on the market have their drawbacks as you mentioned. What you describe above would be ideal!! Sign me up!
  3. Tim Tiger
    Bixby, OK

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    I like where you are going with this Sauce. Would enjoy a lightweight dew sweeper stand bag. The $20 (speedy)pocket is crucial.

  4. No'l
    Palmdale, CA

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    That's great news with the new bags!
    I'm with you on the Sunday bag sizes- hope it's as light as could be.
  5. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    Man, can't we just keep it up about the bag? S.O.B..... :)

    It is a great idea (minus the pocket for the $20 bills) for Sunday bag and agree that other companies have this locked down but feel so guilty looking at those. If Titleist came out with one, I would definitely pick one up. Always have that thought of playing a few rounds with just a few clubs to get some good practice in or just having fun..

    I do miss carrying but with a bad back, i'm with the PCM now...

    Just a thought, since TT is kind enough to include select TT members to test out golf balls etc., how about a few and I mean a few dedicated, select TT members get to trial out some golf bags?
  6. JAM

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    I am carrying my 14 Titleist clubs in a Titleist minimalist carry bag and have been doing so for decades. My current bag weighs 1.9 lbs. I am hoping the 2018 version will be waterproof, with two full length dividers and two pockets, one small and one large.

    I would also suggest the bag be re-engineered to make sure the hidden support rod be secured with heavier gauge thread or some other method. My last two minimalist Titleist carry bags, one with a wooden "yardstick" type support and the current one with a metal support rod both broke thru the stitching.

    Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

  7. Tom C.
    Wentzville, MO

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    I'm all in on this idea ... minimalist player who walks/carries 7 Titleist clubs, in search for a very lightweight stand bag with dual straps. Currently use a 14 way Titleist stand bag which is nice, but much more than necessary; and I'd prefer to stay within the Titleist brand.
  8. John Strachan

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    I love the idea of a lighter bag, I love my staff stand bag for looks but it is on the rather heavy side compared to other bags, so much so that I am regretfully considering change my bag to a lighter one so this would solve all my problems especially if it was the staff stand bag.
  9. greg p
    Algonquin, IL

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    Did you guys see the Premium Carry bag? Double strap, waterproof bottom/ lower side. Fully capable of carrying 14 but I use it for taking in a quick 9 with 4 or 5 clubs. I love it.
  10. david s
    South Wales

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    Jefferson J said:

    Jefferson, those are the current 2017 pencil bags, they've been out for a while, I use the premium carry bag through the summer when I chose to carry and don't have the need to stuff the pockets with all the extra clothes etc. just about get the 14 clubs in there and adequate pockets for carrying the essentials plus a bit extra.
    I've just bought the 4up bag which is slightly bigger, makes it easier to get the clubs in and out.
    I have heard that Titleist are bringing out a new range of bags next year but I don't know any details
  11. william b
    los angeles, CA

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    Picked mine up a few weeks ago and love it. I have a Jones, a few MacKenzie bags, a limited edition Vokey Sunday Bag but this is my favorite. Only a few pockets, which I like, one insulated for a water bottle, and one nice velvet-lined for valuables. Only thing on the wish list would have been a slot for a Sharpie. I added a signed Scotty putter cover and some Titleist knitted head covers from Japan and I'm carrying a bag again!
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  12. Steven D
    Newton, KS

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    Any info on when we may see sneak peeks or a product brochure with 2018 bags (specifically stand bags)!?
    Would love to see an updated version of the 4up (even if it’s just new colorways).
  13. Steven D
    Newton, KS

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    ... found this link. Seems like only new colorways for 2018. No mention of the 4up’s but shows new colors for the players 4, 5 and 14 (and a “Club 14” cart bag):
  14. Steven D
    Newton, KS

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    ... found this link. Seems like only new colorways for 2018. No mention of the 4up’s but shows new colors for the players 4, 5 and 14 (and a “Club 14” cart bag):

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