Titleist Trucker Style Hat

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By PONeill

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    Does anyone know if/when Titleist will release a Trucker Style mesh-back hat?

  2. JAYW3

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    See Two-Tone Mesh under Adjustable Head Wear.
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    Stretch Tech. Very comfortable several color options and look good. I have 2
  4. JAYW3

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  5. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    I have 1 with TT on it. Don't know where to get one. Got mine last Jan. in Orlando at a TT event.
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    I talked to the area Titleist sales rep the other day, and they stated this fall Titleist will introduce a tour cap into there lineup, flat bill was mentioned. Hope this helps
  7. Sam R
    Burnt Hills, NY

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    Is that true? I've been waiting for them to release these hats for two years. You see more and more guys on tour wearing them. Hoffman, Piercy, Blair, etc. They're sharp.
  8. Epic

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    This is pretty nice
    Post Image
    Post Image
  9. Epic

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    Did u see the stretch tech, brought 1 from golf galaxy. Very comfortable.
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  10. John O
    Appleton, WI

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    The snap back Charley Hoffman style? I believe those might be Tour only but I'm not certain about that.
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    Will you be selling the type of hat Charlie Hoffman wears

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