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By Emil S

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  1. Emil S

    Emil S

    Hi TT! What divot tool do you all use? I just saw Titleists Instagram post sporting a TT divot tool, and as im looking to personalize some of my accesories IT would fit great! Cheers from Sweden!

  2. Robert L

    Robert L
    Hayward, CA

    I use a Scotty Cameron pivot tool (purple, yellow, black, or silver).
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    Post Image
  3. Chris B

    Chris B
    Monroe, LA

    well, that is fine!

  4. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    I use the same one as Robert L in black.
  5. RJohnson

    Cleveland, Oh

    Same as above in red
  6. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    I had one but don't know where it is. I just find what I can find in my bag and use that. Plastic, metal, whatever!
  7. David S

    David S
    Alamo, CA

    I use the same as above in black.
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I have a TT silver, Scotty Cameron in black and in red.
  9. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    I use a silver one like Robert L's or my Team titleist one I received a year or so back depends on mode
  10. Tim D

    Tim D
    kokomo, IN

    I use the same one as above in green
  11. Mike r

    Mike r
    Amherst, OH

    Why is the Scotty divot tool popular. I have one and I find it bulky. Why is it so long and angled? Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me.
  12. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    I have several I use. I do have a Scotty pivot tool in silver, but haven't used it. The one I use most often is a simple bronze look one from my local course. I also have one of the Team Titlelist ones, but one of the tines broke, so I don't use it as often.
  13. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Scotty Cameron grey roller tool or Seamus steel single prong.
  14. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    Scotty divot tool in black.
  15. Steve L

    Steve L
    Framingham, MA

    I've been using the TT divot tool and ball marker, love the TT swag...
  16. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    I use a vokey tool with the Titleist script on the back.
  17. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    Scotty Cameron silver w/red dots
  18. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    Just like pulplvr, I have a scotty one that I've never used. It is a beautiful work of art, but a big piece of metal I need to keep in my pocket, seems excessive.

    I use one called "Greenbuddy". It's a switch blade tool, had keeps a ball marker for those days I forgot to grab one, can be put in the ground and prop up a club on the end (grooved for this) for those wet days so I don't get my grips wet on the wet grass, is light, compact, works great and I've used the same one for like 10 years.

    Don't remember where I bought it, but here is the website: www.greenbuddy.com/home.html

    I'd love one like this that said Titleist or SC on it and were prettier.
  19. BCH


    Typically I use the Scotty Cameron silver and red. I like the stability of the tool. Perfect for cleaning up after you make a big divot on the green. No bend, no break, easy to use and mine has lasted several years!
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  20. Christian J

    Christian J

    I use the Scotty tool in silver with red dots. I love the feel of it, don't think it is bulky at all compared to ones with magnetic ball markers or cheap plastic ones. It also forces you to fix the ball mark correctly. If you do so, it feels the best out of any divot tool I have ever used.

    Lafayette, LA

    I only use one of these. Superstitions!
    Post Image
    Post Image
  22. I use the same one as above in black.
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