18 years hitting TM drivers is officially over.

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By DaFitzy!

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  1. DaFitzy!


    I’ve hit TM drivers for over 18 years. Last year, I got fitted (club champion) for my first driver and never ever hit worst drives. Struggled all year long… bad. The driver was always my go to, I hit it long and straight. I was spraying balls everywhere all last year (168 rounds)

    I’ve owned two titleist drivers over the years, honestly never loved them and always went back to a TM.

    Well… Titleist has finally caught my eye with these TSi’s. I wrote off the $1159 TM SIM and its $400 speeder shaft. Walked into dicks spent $550 on a 8 degree stiff shaft and headed to the course.

    Well… I’m back! Driving accuracy is at 87% over the last five rounds (fell to 46%) and when I miss it’s barely. WELL DONE TITLEIST WOODS PEPS! Heading over to get the three wood too.

    Anyone else (who clearly stuck with this mouth full of a story) had similar experiences?

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  2. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    I've always been a Titleist loyalist. The performance, sound and looks of its drivers are second to none.

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