Where are Titleis clubs made?

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By Edmund F

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  1. Edmund F

    Edmund F
    Glendale, NY

    Reading my spec sheets for my miz irons. It states they are Forged in Japan, Finished in China and Assembled in the USA. Are any Titleist clubs made in China?

  2. Currently gaming CNCPT-01 Irons. Just sent my 7 iron back to Titleist. It has a hairline crack on the heel and started to rust. Anyone know where the CNCPTs are manufactured?
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  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Essentially all iron head forged/cast for almost all OEM's are now manufactured in China. Titleist does quality checks on shipments and sort them by weight to help assemble requested swing weights. Japan is the source of many shafts. All clubs are assembled in Carlsbad.

    Titleist does make every attempt to resolve manufacturing defects that do slip through the long list of quality checks.

    There are some high-end Japanese brands made in Japan. The reality is the US has let custom metalworking move off-shore. Not just golf clubs.
  4. Edmund F

    Edmund F
    Glendale, NY

    What about Titleist woods and hybrids? No casting or forging. Are these all made in China too? I get it, almost all OEMs have their irons made in China. But ideally anywhere else would be better, including here in the US! I wish there was a direct contact to Titlleist to ask them.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My TS1 still has the black label - Head China, Shaft China, Assembled USA. All of my wife's non-Titleist clubs also indicate the heads came from China. The Vokey's are the same. My SC does not have a sticker. Hard to image the shaft came from the US, but I think his heads are fully machined in the US.

    For now, I'll trust Titleist has elected to combine foreign components with their own internal Quality Assurance to provide the best product to me. If part of the SC pricing is fora US sourced head, how many sets of clubs would Titleist sell if each iron was $300+?

    I work in the pharmaceutical industry. Anytime you get a prescription filled, ask to see the vendor bottle and see if it was manufactured in the US. It isn't just a golf club issue.

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